But religious classes require an extensive amount of reading. Also how about abraham, the father of three religions , they should be taught why. Religion wastes our time and does no good because, as a year 8 student, I don't care. Learning about religion wouldn't be taught in the more "Believe in this and you will go to heaven" but be taught as what people believed on and why man created religion. I'm surprised that more people actually agree on this....It really just shows how religion has been woven into the fabric of peoples minds...I disagree that religion should be taught in public schools...It has an unhealthy affect ...The most good you can make out of this is that you can give students the freedom to choose which religious scripture they want to learn but people will continue to not accept other peoples beliefs when there mind is shot towards one religion...All religions have different views on things and if you teach those kids that, then like I said they will refuse to accept others beliefs and opinions....Don't weave this nonsense into the fabric of these kids minds.... "Thou shall not believe in fake Gods" This is the number one rule in every religion. The other option is to teach all religious beliefs including atheism but there isn't enough time to do that so it makes more sense to leave it in the hands of the parents. History, geography, science, mathematics and other subjects taught in schools lead only to the fulfillment of material needs. American companies are experiencing a new trend. I also believe that it's not factual based and so does not belong in a factual curriculum. I learnt more about the Big Bang Theory and evolution in RE than I did in biology. Therefore, having an understanding of what you believe is more important than knowing math or science, simply because it provides meaning to every other subject. What science and the Bible say about gratitude (spoiler: They agree). I feel Religious Education should be taught in schools as not only does it explore different faiths, religions and cultures, but also many different ways of thinking and contemporary moral issues. I throw down the gauntlet to all the governments worldwide. Unlike Wednesday’s season opener, 3-pointers weren’t dropping at a record-setting clip for BYU Thanksgiving night at the Marriott Center. Sign up for the This is why I vote no. Religious schools do better than public or charter schools. People assume RE to only be about Christianity; however I have done the subject for many years now and know that it doesn't concern just Christianity or religion for that matter. Get a verified writer to help you with Should Religions Be Taught in Public Schools… One Muslim child was among twenty-eight Christian children in a class and the Muslim child did not sit out for religion, in fact he listened and shared a bit of information on his religion and the class learned to not only respect their religion but to respect other religions. In Australia, religion in taught in public schools by religious volunteers, these volunteers are not required have any teaching experience and usually have limited training before having the opportunity to teach students. newsletter, writer Julie Szego asked recently in her piece for The Age, a 2012 Programme for International Student Assessment study found, A 2013 study published in the Peabody Journal of Education, One expert said learning about religion is extremely important, Polls have shown that Americans aren’t really reading, A 2013 study by the IOSR Journal of Humanities and Social Science, as The Washington Post reported earlier this year, ChurchBeat: Spotlight shines on a prophet, football and healing wounds, Supreme Court bars restrictions on religious services during pandemic in New York cases. If re is taught we would not know about other peoples belief their culture. That’s something that writer Julie Szego asked recently in her piece for The Age. Teaching religion may provoke an exchange of hateful comments between students who have prejudice against people of a certain religion. Psychology Today, for example, found that pretend play is good for children. We use cookies and other tracking technologies to improve your browsing experience on our site, show personalized content and targeted ads, analyze site traffic, and understand where our audiences come from. Does religious education have a place in American schools?