Copyright © 2017 Pioneer Wholesale Meat Inc. Chicago, IL. 1000 W Carroll Ave - Chicago, Illinois 60607. Lamb- $13.99 /lb. They are simply butchered at a younger age. Sold by the pound or you can order a whole roasted pig or lamb for any occasion. It is very common for our customers to receive eggs that are only a few days rather than several weeks old compared to most commercial eggs. All our lambs are raised mostly on grass and alfalfa as well as a small amount of grain. Our pork and lamb meat is specially seasoned and roasted over charcoal for four hours to give the meat a pure all natural taste that only charcoal can provide. Our retail beef cuts are available through Source to Table. By combining this breed of cattle with properly managed production techniques, we result in premium quality beef which generally grades high choice and prime. Chicken Eggs The most recent addition to our product list is all natural locally grown turkeys. Our current genetic line includes a combination of Berkshire, Duroc and Yorkshire breeds. * Some items only available wholesale. Certain cuts are available to pick up out of our retail case at our processing facility in Forrest, IL (103 E. Krack St.). Our Golden Buff chickens lay large brown eggs with nice rich yolks. The hens are not fed any antibiotics, hormones or animal by-products and are raised in a completely cage free environment. Feel free to contact us with any other questions you may have regarding specialty cuts. We regularly stock ground veal and veal bones, but do a very limited amount of retail veal cuts. A standard whole lamb includes: 2 Racks of Lamb 12 Lamb Loin chops (3 pkgs of 4 chops) 4 Leg shanks 2 Leg roasts 2 Shoulder roast 3-4 lbs ground. One of our very popular items is our farm fresh eggs. Specialty Bacon Cheddar Jalapeno Hamburger Patties. Left whole, they’re sold as-is — $3.25 per pound for goat, $3.50 per pound for lamb — … Prepare the basting mixture while the coals are heating. All custom cut veal and lamb orders must be placed by 11:00am for same day pickup. 1000 W Carroll Ave - Chicago, Illinois 60607 (312) 243-6180 5:30am-1:30pm Monday - Friday All custom cut veal and lamb orders must be placed by 11:00am for same day pickup. Retail cuts of goats are available through Source To Table. Country smoked and cured bone-in ham roast, Country smoked and cured boneless ham roast. We specialize in custom cuts of lamb and veal. Mature goats (generally used for braising and grinding applications) app. We generally sell 3 classes of goats including: young suckling goats, finished butcher goats or larger mature goats. Pioneer Wholesale Meat Inc. Please confirm on our calendar before planning a trip as dates & hours are subject to change. The goat herd was expanded at our farm several years ago to accommodate the growing demand for goat meat in the Chicago restaurant market. Either way, you need an area about five feet wide and three to four feet across. Cage free chicken eggs by the dozen are available at: Like a whole hog, a whole lamb needs to be very well trussed to the rotisserie spit so that it does not slip or fall off during cooking. Also keep in mind for those located in Chicago, our products are available for retail at Fresh Marketplace, Publican Quality Meats, and Homestead Meats. Most of them are New Zealand and California breed. All hogs are billed off of carcass weight. Our large selection of retail pork products are cut fresh every week. Our meat chickens are a Cornish rock cross, which results in young, tender chickens with lots of natural flavor. Hanging weight plus processing. Our goats are raised on pasture and supplemented with hay and grain in the winter months. These healthy eggs are packaged on our own farm before being distributed directly to our customers. Our Farm store is open on most Wednesdays & Saturdays from 9am-2pm. We use several different butchers for our custom processing. 65-100 lbs. each and are only sold whole. birds are generally used as a roaster chicken and a 3 ½ lb. 3 sizes of whole broilers are available through Source to Table. During processing at our slaughter facility the hogs are scalded rather than skinned which makes them an excellent option for whole hog roasts and cookouts. Suckling pig up to large market hogs between 200 & 300 lbs. Light one bag of charcoal in the center of the spit. We do not strictly feed all grass or all grain to our cattle since we feel some variation in their diet is beneficial. The product we are most well-known for is our fresh, high quality pork. Bulk beef can be cut into a combination of the following cuts: All beef is billed off of carcass weight. This veal will be more of a rose red color than a pale white color due to its natural diet and active lifestyle. Average yield of actual edible product varies depending on your cutting specifications. For more pricing & information visit this site. Whole carcass for roasting (not cut up) is available as a custom order. These rabbits generally dress around 2.75 lbs. Our Khaki Campbell and Indian Runner ducks provide us with a steady supply of rich wholesome eggs. We raise two breeds of chickens on our farm, one to produce eggs and the other specifically for meat. Our fresh IL lamb, which is becoming a staple in Chicago’s fine dining restaurants, is raised by both the Slagel Family Farm operation as well as a handful of other local farmers. They are sold as whole hogs, halves and individual cuts. Duck eggs available special order through Publican Quality Meats and Fresh Market Place. Now you're ready to prep the lamb. Whole Lamb $6/lb. Proclaimed as the best burger of Chicago, our locally produced, all natural beef is becoming more and more popular. These hogs are naturally bred and raised in open lots where they have access to the outdoors and an unlimited feed supply including a diet of grain and vegetable scraps. Processing costs are usually $85 / lamb (Price set by processor) We make this a separate charge because they offer several value-added options that you may want to take advantage of such as sweet Italian lamb 8 oz. This field is for validation purposes and should be left unchanged. Please email us for pricing and availability. The carcasses are then hand-cut to order into steaks (which can be dry aged even further if desired), dry aged ground beef, roasts and many other cuts. Custom cuts are available for an additional $25 fee (choose custom option and add note on cuts desired). Our chickens are not fed steroids or animal by-products and are naturally processed without additives or preservatives. “Our reputation demands that we serve only the most superior veal. We offer a limited amount of what we would describe as “Rose Veal” meaning the calves have been raised outside free to move and eat as any other cattle on the farm. Average yield of actual edible product varies depending on your cutting specifications. Please call ahead (815-657-7368) if you are looking for a specific cut or would like to place an order for pick up. Email: [email protected] The sizes available are as follows: We also offer processed hogs – please email us at [email protected] for more information. This prime beef is then dry aged at our processing facility approximately 25 days to enhance the product quality even further. We sell whole goats which can be delivered in carcass form or broke into primals/hanging retail cuts according to customer preference. Pig - $12.99 /lb. We also carry beef, pork and other specialty items. No appointments are necessary during those days & times. Call us at (312) 243-6180 to place an order today. For more information & pricing about whole goats email us at [email protected] Lambs are available as the following cuts through Source to Table: Whole lambs are available direct to consumer, for more information & pricing email us at [email protected] Beef is available by the whole, side, quarter, eighth or individual cuts. Duck Eggs  Continue to 3 of 10 below. There are two basic and traditional methods for roasting a lamb. We look forward to serving you! Roasting a whole lamb on a spit is a lengthy process, so plan to spend at least four to five hours at it, depending on the size of the lamb. These free range ducks are allowed to forage the pastures for fresh vegetation and insects. Our updated hours are Monday though Friday 5:30 am to 11:30 am. We offer whole birds through Source to Table. 2 or 2 ½ lb. size is better suited for breaking into different cuts. Pork can be cut into a combination of the following cuts: We offer whole, cleaned unprocessed hogs for those of you who are interested in doing hog roasts or cutting the hogs up yourself. Our cattle do not receive hormones or implants, so they must be fed for 18-24 months, which is considerable longer than industry averages.