It is easier to pick some fabric, or a rug, or a pillow accent and go from there to match the color than the other way around. Like you guys said as soon as I see the color change I pick it and bring it indoors to finish ripening. How long does it take to ripen? Is this normal? another question, to ripen indoors I just let them sit in a sunny window? Wire cooling racks (stems down) help - though if I have a lot of tomatoes I have to move them off to cool canning jars. I don't know, maybe it's the growing conditions that make it that color? Congratulations! Look for some masonry stain in charcoal and spray out the landscape retaining wall so it has a darker color than the house and "visually grounds" it. I picked my first-ever CP Saturday. Pinch off early shoots to encourage rooting and powerful stem growth. Sometime grapes become raisins. Even its shape if off. At our previous home we had a 9-foot window box across the front of the house. It went through the same color stage as the first plant but the only one to turn red yet. Many have had good luck with tepee-style frames. Of course, cages or hoops are required for these huge plants with their heavy fruits. I just picked my first one a couple of days ago and noticed that it was lighter in color than in previous years, but it was ripe and very tasty. Many of us pick when the fruits are turning color (half pink) in order to avoid insect damage, splitting, and trespassing neighbors who think vine ripened means all the way ripe. How long depends on how far along it was when picked - usually within a week to 10 days. Obviously, the RED round one is NOT a CP. A cheap set of acrylic paints from Walmart would suffice to experiment with the color. One tomato I got from another plant was purple and the leaves on the 1st plant (same one the red Tom came from) has green leaves with purple on it. Extend these to cover downspout (get a concrete block for that to hit / paint it dark gray once it reaches the floor of the porch. The soil should be airy, heavy with nutrients, and will be loose right down to six or more inches to account for the deep roots that this tall plant will set. I grew them for the first time this year. As for when to pick - once a fruit begins to change color in relationship to the other fruit on the plant - as in the very first picture it can be picked. When do I pick them? We show you when to nosh around navy or try a taste of turquoise so you can stay relaxed while finishing your kitchen, Candy Apple Red, Red Licorice and more for your kitchen walls, cabinets or island? They are turning a light light green color. My house now stands out in an otherwise conservative neighborhood. They are also more stable stem side down.....a flatter surface area on the tomato shoulders, as opposed to pointy side down with the weight pressing on a small area. A subtle tone on tone type damask or other pattern can be nice too. For most growers, it’ll take a minimum of 80 days to succeed in harvest, but like many heirlooms, your Cherokee Purples aren’t likely to all or any ripen directly, but will often self-stagger the harvest over every week or two. I would stain rails too but some more cottage-y folks would like them white. Hi Jaqueline! Have FUN revamping your exterior and do what makes you happy. Their primary enemy within the U.S. is that the mosaic virus, which can’t be cured once it sets in. Pick the tomatoes once they are large, and have a robust purple hue amongst their crimson background. Use an evenly balanced fertilizer if your soil began with a high nitrogen content (as recommended). I have a question about indoor ripening:if you have a whole lot of them. CHEROKEE PURPLE TOMATO: PESTS AND DISEASES. Enter your email address to subscribe to this blog and receive notifications of new posts by email. Its very tasty with whats usually described as a tomato-ey flavor and has a distinctive deep reddish-purple color. Or paint what you have, and then glaze over with other colors to add subtle depth and subdue the color. Do you have to spread them singly, Or can you pack thenm in wicker basket ?? And thanks again! And can anyone tell me why they would turn a bright red instead of purple? I'm not sure hitting more stores will help or that there is the perfect color for you out there. Reddish brown also works well to tone down the color, and then you can add white if you want, but that might make it go mauve. They are great! Like most tomatoes, Cherokee Purple tomatoes grow in nearly any climate that provides plenty of sunlight and three to four months of warm, dry weather. Contrast the foliage of the other (suggested bronze over there). The color is called Charleston Green and it's actually a really dark green that appears black. Just enjoy the fruit. You cannot improve the taste by leaving them on the vine, only water it down with additional water to the fruits. I'm not sure if that's a characteristic of another Tom variety or what. Pests like birds and grasshoppers aren’t generally as drawn to Cherokee Purples thanks to their odd coloring, but leaf-eaters like caterpillars can ravage the plant. The red in the picture doesn't look like Cherokee Purple and if from the same plant then the plant probably isn't CP either.. CP will always have dark shoulders and is a dark burgundy red with black undertones.