You know a cantaloupe or honeydew melon is ready by how easily it detaches from the vine and by the sweet scent. The sweet fruit travels to other countries like Russia, Bermuda, Japan, Mexico and France. As you can see, the watermelon season for every state occurs during the warmer months, but each state’s specific time periods are a little different. Honeydew is available all year round, with peak season running between June and October in the northern hemisphere. Type above and press Enter to search. In Texas, the watermelon season is from June to August. The opposite end of the stem should feel soft and almost springy when pressed: It will yield a little and then bounce back. Although there are over 1,200 kinds of watermelons, they all have one thing in common. These watermelons take on average 90 days to fully mature. To the market, we go!Even the most ardent fruit enthusiast might feel a little dispirited by the fickle honeydew melon, or so I’ve come to learn. Honeydew melon, also known as honeymelon (Cucumis melo), is a trailing vine whose many cultivated species are grown in warm and dry regions the world over. It’s important to remember that smaller watermelons will mature faster than large ones. Look at the stem and see if your see a circular crack around the stem. This group usually matures in about 75 to 80 days. Watermelon season runs throughout the summer (May to September). Though you might think of a melon with green-hued skin and pale green flesh as the standard honeydew, there are other types of honeymelon out there. Orange-Fleshed Honeydew: A luscious cross between cantaloupe and honeydew, with a slightly creamy flavor. The melons are also very good deep fried whole, and then sliced on a plate with a little salt and chile. In terms of nutritional values, honeydew is low in calories and carbs and a great source of vitamins A, B complex, C (one cup of honeydew contains about 70% of the recommended daily intake of vitamin C! Another indicator is the skin: Smooth-skinned melons should appear waxy with a creamy, uniform color, yet with a slightly wrinkly texture—which, although almost invisible to the eye, you’ll be able to feel with your fingertips. A watermelon is trickier. The seeds should all be planted about a month after the last frost. Therefore, honeydew melons are harvested based on maturity, not size. They’re delicious, they offer an array of healthy benefits and they go great as a side dish with those summer barbecued meats. Watermelon season in Georgia is between June and September. So, give your melon a shake! When looking to see if your watermelon is ripe, look for the following features: Your watermelon’s vine has tendrils that will begin to turn a brownish color and die. Texas has a long watermelon season between May and November. If it’s already quite ripe or once cut, store it in the refrigerator for up to 3 days in an airtight container. While it’s known the Cucumis genus originates in the tropics of the Old World, there isn’t so much concrete information on the specific origins of the honeydew melon. How to store honeydew. This also includes Desert Storm and Royal Majesty watermelons too. Although watermelon is a popular treat in the summertime, the watermelon season will slightly vary from different states. She holds a bachelor's degree from the University of Arkansas. Sprite: This grapefruit-sized melon has sweet, crisp ivory flesh, the taste of which contains hints of watermelon, honeydew, and pear—but much sweeter. Lastly, honeydew melons have many seeds, which start to work their way loose from the melon flesh as it ripens. Want to put your newly acquired honeydew melon knowledge to good use?