Use a thick metal dish and have a bucket of sand ready. Nothing like a homemade pastrami. Saltpeter is a chemical compound. Although physicians once prescribed saltpeter for sore throats, asthma and arthritis, we doubt it worked well. Food & Cooking . Knocked out a few at home using whole brisket. If your seriously into it you may look into a meat pump or syringe also inject your product. You have been warned by someone who knows. good stuff. It can burn in some cases like magnesium. Can I just make some comments regarding the apparent confusion between salt and saltpeter, salt as in cooking salt, which is also used as a preservative? Thread in 'Food & Cooking' Thread ... Use them only-not black or smokeless powder or other additives! Cooking Discussions. I use a 1 to 2 ratio of rice and water. Saltpeter, also called potassium nitrate, KNO3, and nitrate of potash, is a versatile substance used for gardening, stump removal, medicine, cooking, preserving meats, and making explosives. IIRC pastrami is pumped to ~ 10% of its total weight … A. Potassium nitrate, also known as niter or saltpeter, has been used to preserve meat and is found in toothpaste formulated for sensitive teeth. Saltpeter! It is also used to make fireworks, explosives, matches and fertilizers. Prague powder #1 is a curing mixture used in making cured meat products that require short cures and will then be cooked, such as sausages, including hot dogs, fish, and corned beef.The federal government mandates Prague salt be composed of 6.25 percent sodium nitrite and 93.75 percent table salt (sodium chloride), making Prague powder #1 mostly salt. anon160958 March 17, 2011 . It naturally occurs in the mountain caves, particularly on the soil high in organic matter. Rumors abound that saltpeter has been added to food in prison and military installations to curb sexual desire, but there is no evidence to support this has been done or would even work. Best used in the treatment of Urinary Problems, Kidney Stones and Indigestion. I keep it on an incredibly low heat with the lid on. It contains Potassium, Nitrogen and Oxygen. The military used to put it in the eggs at breakfast so a certain “joint” wouldn’t get stiff when it wasn’t supposed to. It's a popular myth that saltpeter inhibits male libido. It is white in color. The purchase of saltpeter in large quantities is regulated by the U.S. federal government, due its explosive capabilities. I use boiling water, not cold when cooking it. We could spot it right off in the Army. Salt Peter? Saltpeter and Male Libido .