Extensive and comprehensive consulting can save a lot of time and money. The VOSS coat has set new standards. Prüfen Sie in Echtzeit unsere Lagerbestände und arbeiten Sie mit Ihren eigenen Artikelnummern und Matchcodes. Today, over 75% VOSS OEM customers are supplied via various Kanban systems. Lower process costs, increase availability: Under this premise, we offer extensive logistics services in the area of C-Parts Management. Verbindungs­technik details. Example: 10356-8-6 10356-8-6 – Fitting Type (1 = Permanent/Crimp) 52-54 51688 Wipperfürth Germany. VOSS Fluid GmbH Lüdenscheider Str. 56 series fittings are now available in all sizes except, sizes -10,-12 and -16 (5/8”, 3/4” and 1-0”) bent tube fittings. Please refine the search results with the following selection criteria. This fitting is constructed of steel since the designated material is blank. "Making good things better" – staying true to this motto, our experienced engineers and technicians at our headquarters in Wipperfürth work on innovative hydraulic components for various application areas. 52-54 51688 Wipperfürth Deutschland +49 (0)2267 63-0 [email protected] hose size.
VOSS coat represents the perfection of corrosion-protection, where the focus is on technology, economic efficiency and sustainability. Adapter NG 12 mit Schneidringverschraubung – Seite 48 Adapters NS 12 with cutting ring fitting – Page 48 Adapter NG 12 mit Innensechskant – Seite 49 Adapters NS 12 with internal hexagon – Page 49 Adapter NG 12 Sonderbauformen – Seiten 50-52 Adapters NS 12 special designs – Pages 50-52 . VOSS Fluid customers have been profiting from the possible rationalization effects for years. Einschraub- Nenngröße Dornprofil für Rohre gewinde NG d x s (mm) M 16 x 1,5 8 6 x 1 8 x 1 / 9 x 1,5 12 x 1,5 M 22 x 1,5 12 6 x 1 8 x 1 / 9 x 1,5 10 x 1,25 12 x 1,5 14 x 2 / 14 x 2,5 15 x 1,5 / 16 x 2 11. Schnell. VOSS employees are integrated at all levels into the group’s efforts to protect and reduce the burden on the environment on a permanent basis, and their awareness for the environment is encouraged by training and other activities. to VOSS standard, particularly suitable for connections to filigree cooling plates and similar components, Release mechanism can be supplied in two different positions for easy access, Plastic plugs for the fir-tree connection of cooling lines, especially for battery temperature control, Connecting port acc. Effizient. Parker Parflex’s new 56 series fittings are replacing the Parflex 55 series and Parflex 58 series fittings. Wir sind flexible Mitdenker. That is why we offer extensive theoretical and practical trainings on our premises or with customers on site. VOSS Fluid wurde in den Bereichen Forschung und Entwicklung mit dem Gütesiegel „Innovativ durch Forschung“ ausgezeichnet. The example below describes a permanent crimp 1/2" Male JIC 37° with a 3/8" I.D. These range from the fundamentals of hydraulic connection technology to practical trainings of safe pre-assemblies.
We inspect the assembly process in additional assembly audits directly on site at the customers' location. to SAE J2044, Operating pressure max 12 bar, acc. These range from inventory analysis and consulting to container management and cleaning, to automatic, intelligent supply with over 40,000 items that can be ordered and delivered at just the right time - with maximum product availability worldwide. Medium. Fittings; Assemblies; Patented products; VOSS quick connect systems The System Finder will help you to find the right VOSS quick connect system for your special application. Wir sind weltweiter Partner der Hersteller von Nutzfahrzeugen und Pkw sowie Land- und Baumaschinen. Einbaufertige Module details. to Bosch specification, Plugs and couplings for the fir-tree connection of windshield washer fluid lines, Connection to a specific profile (VW design), Plastic couplings for the fir-tree connection of cooling lines, especially for battery temperature control, Connecting profile acc. Above all, the VOSS multi-connection technology focuses on economy and safety. Wir sind VOSS Automotive. VOSS evaluates the impact of all new developments (both products and processes) on the environment with the aim of keeping this impact to a minimum. We offer complete project consultation - from engineering to special logistics services. We focus on maximum process reliability when developing our products:  Prototypes are sampled and extensively tested, which allows defect potentials to be recognized directly and eliminated. Ventile details. 19.10.2020 Der VLOW – das erste Produkt aus dem VOSS Incubator lesen 07.07.2020 Die Website des VOSS … From corrosion-resistance and eco-compatibility to process reliability - the chrome-VI-free surface from VOSS Fluid not only satisfies the legal requirements set by European legislatures, but also the high requirements of the complex connection technology market. Heating. Part no. VOSS multi-connections. Produkte. SAVE THE DATE – VOSS Fluid auf der Hydrogen Online Conference . VOSS Fluid has an extensive service portfolio specifically designed to uncover user savings-potential and initiate optimization processes. Parker is expected to release those between May 1 and July 1, 2014. In this way, VOSS products are created that impress along the entire line:  All individual components being used are perfectly compatible with each other, and of course they all have the VOSS seal of quality. As a manufacturer of hydraulic valves, we provide a large number of design versions, as well as custom modifications, extra functional details or … Today, over 75% VOSS OEM customers are … VOSS Fluid GmbH Lüdenscheider Str. For quality assurance, we use supporting FEM calculations in the construction of our components. 56 Series The new, improved 56 series follows the same naming convention as other Parflex fittings. to SAE J2044, Connection of tube and coupling/plug by laser welding, For 12 and 24 volt systems, also for PWM control, Connection sizes 1/4‘‘, 5/16‘‘ and 3/8‘‘ for different tube and hose sizes, Electrically heated plastic couplings for the connection of electrically heated AdBlue, Connection of tube and coupling by laser welding, Optimized handling of the release mechanism, Connection sizes 1/4‘‘ and 3/8‘‘ for polyamide tubes 4x1, Temperature range -40 °C to +120 °C, to +160 °C after having consulted VOSS, Secondary lock (SL) as additional visual connection indicator, Temperature range -40 °C to +120 °C, up to +160 °C after having consulted VOSS, Metal quick connections and adapters for lines in fuel and fuel cell systems, System specific connection profile 246 allows for low heights of unit connections and adapters, With one O-ring for diesel and biodiesel, with two O-rings for gasoline/ethanol and hydrogen, Operating pressure max 10 bar, higher pressures upon request, Plastic quick connections for special connection profiles, for polyamide tubes in SCR, fuel, fuel cell and cooling systems, Electrically heated plastic plugs for the connection of electrically heated AdBlue, Connection of tube and plug by laser welding, Nominal sizes 8 and 12 for different tube sizes, Quick connections made of plastic or brass for common-rail leak-off lines, Connecting port acc.