Other Upcoming Sets Articles Card Database Collection Tracker Community Hub Life Counter Tools & Web Apps. Set: Secret Lair Drop Series Type: Instant Rarity: Rare Counter target spell, activated ability, or triggered ability. Recently viewed cards: Random card. 280/280 +106 Bonus. Secret Lair Drop Series. Expansion: Secret Lair Drop. New & Unread Posts. Home Articles. Rulings. Discussion Home. Rulings. Discuss. General Discussion Zendikar Rising. Magic: The Gathering Chronology Extra Life 2020 is a drop of cards in the Secret Lair product range and a continuation of the Secret Lair Drop Series.3 It was available for pre-order purchase from the Wizards of the Coast webshop secretlair.wizards.com from November 6th through November 9th, 2020. When purchasing this unique product, please keep in mind that this card only appears in the Secret Lair Drop Series: Stargazing Sealed Product and will ship out to you after the seller receives the pro. 71/82 +37 Bonus. Card Text: Counter target spell, activated ability, or triggered ability. Card Text . Artist: Wizard of Barge. Sets / Printings. Voidslime rulings: 2016-06-08: Activated abilities contain a colon. (Mana abilities can't be targeted.) Digital content only available for MTG Arena. Mana Cost: Converted Mana Cost: 3. Instant. Voidslime. Secret Lair . Allow him to take you on an ooze cruise through FIVE different cards that explore the true nature of slimes. Active Topics. Secret Lair Drop Series — Rare. Types: Instant. Secret Lair x The Walking Dead: Oct 4 th 830PM PDT – Oct 12 th 9am PDT. Login . All Sets: Card Number: 137. Advanced card search. Rarity: Rare. Voidslime. Flavor Text: "Cyclonic Ri—fplfmplfmlfblthpfmnsnfffl!" Wizards of the Coast is proud to be raising funds for Extra Life, benefiting Seattle Children's Hospital—and you can help! Secret Lair: Extra Life 2020. by Wizards of the Coast. Your Topics. Jan 4 th ’21 – Feb 15 th ‘21: Pre-Production : Available in Foil. Extra Life 2020: Nov 6 th 9am PDT – Nov 9 th 9am PDT. Your Community. Prime Slime. Advanced card search Random card. Though you can see right through them, Wizard of Barge knows that their jiggly jelly bodies contain multitudes. Digital content available only for MTGO. The drop will cost $60, and Wizards of the Coast will donate $30 to Extra Life benefiting Seattle Children's Hospital for each copy of Secret Lair: Extra Life 2020 sold. Legalities. Feb 15 th, 2021: Pre-Production: Available in Foil. article NEWS October 19, 2020 . €34.99 . 6/8/2016: Activated abilities contain a colon. Sick of being early-game enemies or confined to cubes, these slimes are breaking the mold. Digital Content Available for MTGO and MTG Arena. Secret Lair: Extra Life 2020 will be available to preorder on secretlair.wizards.com beginning 9 a.m. PT November 6 through 9 a.m. PT November 9. Extra Life 2020 Playmats. Voidslime card database entry. MTG Articles Contact Us. View legality, oracle text, pricing, ratings, and more. Secret Lair is a “sub-brand” of Magic: The Gathering that groups existing cards into small collectible sets with strange themes and wild new art styles.12 1 Description 1.1 Drop Series 1.1.1 Artist Series 1.1.2 Registered titles 1.1.3 Bonus cards 1.2 Ultimate Edition 2 References The first Secret Lair series all consisted of alternate art reprints.