Answer Save. Here is a little guide to help you understand when this is normal and when you need to call your doctor. The average cord falls off between 10 and 14 days. Normal range is 7 to 21 days. Most first-time parents are understandably worried when they notice bleeding or discharge from their newborn’s belly button. Much like a scab, the cord stump might bleed a little when it falls off. cowgirl_723. My baby's umbilical cord stump fell off today, and there's this gooy brown stuff still all over his belly button. The stump from your baby’s umbilical cord usually falls off on its own in about two weeks after birth. Other times, the stump may stay longer. If your newborn's belly button bleeds, hold a gauze pad over it for 10 minutes. Seek medical attention if the bleeding continues. Sometimes the stump falls off before the first week. This yellow section of the cord is what you should clean with alcohol because it is still moist and the alcohol will help dry it out so that it will fall off. You may notice a red, raw-looking spot right after the stump falls off. You might see a yellow, sticky fluid ooze out. If your baby is on the earlier side of that time frame there are a few things to look for to make sure everything is fine. According to WebMD, the umbilical cord slowly dries out and shrivels up and then falls off within 1-2 weeks of birth.. Congrats Mommy! umbilical cord stump fell off, sticky stuff underneath? After the cord has fallen off, the navel will gradually heal. First lets talk about what is the typical time the umbilical cord falls off. What is an Umbilical Granuloma? These could be signs of an umbilical cord infection. An umbilical granuloma is a small nodule of firm pinkish-red tissue (similar to scar tissue) with persistent yellow-green drainage. The umbilical cord stump usually falls off in 1 or 2 weeks. Relevance. In 2006, it was newly recommended that you no longer need to put alcohol on the umbilical cord. Even if it falls off before 7 days, you can follow this advice. Cleaning the umbilical cord and belly button with rubbing alcohol helps keep it clean and prevents infection. Prompt treatment is needed to stop the infection from spreading. Active bleeding is defined as when a drop of blood is wiped away, another drop appears. This normally occurs if the cord is pulled off prematurely. If you notice dried discharge around the area, use the alcohol to clean it off. 14 Answers. A small amount of fluid sometimes tinged with blood may ooze out of the navel area. It’s not pus and it’s normal. If the cord is actively bleeding. Favorite Answer. However, contact your baby's doctor if the umbilical area oozes pus, the surrounding skin becomes red and swollen, or the area develops a pink moist bump. 1 decade ago. Treatment for Normal Navel After Cord Falls Off. It is normal for this to last up to 2 weeks after the stump falls off. It may be infection or pus if the yellow stuff is a liquid and there is a bad odor (make sure it isn't coming from the diaper lol !). Am I supposed to clean it with something or let it dry before bathing him for the first time? What You Should Know About Navels After the Cord Falls Off: The cord can't fall off too early. A Newborn’s Umbilical Cord and Belly Button. If it continues bleeding actively, repeat the gauze pad for another 10 minutes.