62 (2008) p.206. The formation of intermetallic phases caused the consumption of the solute element in the α-Mg matrix, and improved the thermal diffusivity of the Mg-Al-Ca-Sr magnesium alloy. As part of a wider program to develop solid-state ionically conducting materials for potential application in energy storage and conversion systems, the thermal diffusivity of a series of K-ion conducting electrolytes having the composition K x Mg x / 2 Ti 8-x / 2 O 16, where 1.6 ⩽ x ⩽ 1.8, was determined between room temperature and 700°C using a transitory heat-pulse technique. The alloys AZ31 and AZ61 are composed of magnesium, aluminum, and zinc. Phy. A.K. Chang and T.M. Scientific.Net is a registered brand of Trans Tech Publications Ltd COPYRIGHT ⓒ 2017 IVWorks Co., Ltd. ALL RIGHTS RESERVED. The thermal conductivity of all alloys increases with increasing temperature up to 300 °C. [5] SiC‐particle‐reinforced MgO composites have been fabricated by hot pressing, and the thermal diffusivities of the composites measured in the temperature range 200–1000°C using … Lee, M.D. [7] Heat transfer occurs through a combination of three methods; conduction, convection, and radiation. [2] THERMAL DIFFUSIVITY-CONDUCTIVITY MEASUREMENTS ON ICE SAMPLES OF MAGNESIUM SULFATE AND SODIUM SULFATE SOLUTIONS: IMPLICATIONS FOR EUROPA’S ICE SHELL. Vol. Let. Mat. 53 (2005), p.3433. J. Zhou, Y. Yang, L. Magne, G. Wang: J. of Cen. Vol. Vol. Abstract: In the present study, the thermal diffusivity of four sand casting magnesium alloys: Mg-9Al-1Zn, Mg-6Al-2Sr, Mg-9Al-1.5Ca-0.3Sr and Mg-9Al-2.2Ca-0.8Sr were studied. A.A. Luo: Mat. The p-type doping under the gate electrode was achieved by magnesium (Mg) thermal diffusion rather than the more usual inclusion as a precursor in the epitaxial material growth process. Hu: Mat. Liu, P. Peng, L. Chen, Y.J. Sand casting was performed at 730-780°C temperatures. The solubi1ity of Nd and Ce in Mg was studied by measuring their specific electric resistivity as functions of annealing and composition. The team comments: “The presented technique is commercially promising in the manufacturing of normally-off HEMTs with outstanding low gate leakage performance.” [9] Vol. Sand casting was performed at 730-780°C temperatures. The thermal diffusivity of the investigated alloys was chemical composition and temperature dependent … In this paper, the effects of magnesium alloys thermal conductivity and heat diffusivity … Schaffer, D. StJohn: J. of Light Met. Nave, P.L. [4] 473 (2008) p.16. Thermal diffusivity was measured by a LFA 427 Netzsch apparatus. Vol. The theoretical curve which coincides best with the experimental curve is obtained for 0.4 10 −7 m 2 s −1. 1 (2001), p.61. Abstract. © 2020 by Trans Tech Publications Ltd. All Rights Reserved, Temperature Dependence of Elastic Properties of Aluminum Foam Structures, Silicon Carbide Solid-Phase Epitaxy on a Microporous Substratum, The Thermal Diffusivity of Mg-Al-Sr and Mg-Al-Ca-Sr Sand Casting Magnesium Alloys, The Corrosion Resistance of the Mg-Al-Ca-Sr Sand Casting Magnesium Alloys, Determination of Pressure-Saturation-Permeability Relations by Centrifugation, Heat and Mass Transfer and Volume Variations during Drying of Industrial Ceramic Bricks: An Experimental Investigation, Hot Corrosion Resistance Properties of Al-Si Coatings Obtained by Slurry Method. [8] Dahle, Y.C. Thermal diffusivity measurement techniques are easier carried out than the measurement of thermal conductivity and as such, thermal diffusivity measurements are often a means to the end of measuring thermal conductivity according to the equation `k=\alpha \rho c` with density and specific heat capacity known values. 43 (2002), p.127. L. Han, H. Hu, D. O. Northwood, N. Li: Mat. Thermal diffusion can theoretically fractionate Mg and Fe isotopes in the same direction, yielding a positive correlation between 26 Mg/ 24 Mg and 56 Fe/ 54 Fe (e.g., Richter et al., 2008, Richter et al., 2009, Huang et al., 2010). A Vol. 4.2 Thermal diffusivity of Sorel cement with PVAc. [3] P.G. The data … Thermal diffusivity was measured by a LFA 427 Netzsch apparatus.