If Zagreus either kills more enemies than Thanatos does or ties his total, he will award Zagreus a Centaur Heart. However, he does care for Hypnos, and intervenes when Hypnos is at risk of losing his job as the attendant to the House of Hades. Within the House of Hades, Thanatos can be found in the same hallway where Achilles keeps guard. He was in the patch with tisiphone and alecto, he may only start showing up once they do. Eris and Nemesis: Thanatos is not close to his sisters, but acknowledges their roles in providing shades for the Underworld. His most recent such venture took longer than usual - speculated by Hypnos and Zagreus to be related to the ongoing war - but returns some time after the game's opening. I heard that Thanatos and Meg are optional romance options in the game, and that you have an extra scene with Thanatos in Zagreus' bedroom, but I haven't figured how to seal that deal. Hypnos (Brother) Zagreus (Childhood friend) [1] I gave 5 nectars to Meg and 6 to Thanatos, and now I can't give anything more to him, and his codex entry has a heart with a lock in it. This page was last edited on 26 November 2020, at 06:08. This earned the ire of the god of Death, as well as many of the other gods of the Underworld. He's got his own special encounter which is like a contest. Beating Thanatos after giving him 6 Nectar will randomly prompt a discussion between the two about Zagreus being powerful enough to escape the Underworld without Thanatos' help. He is immune to damage during the contest, and will not retaliate if struck (he'll just complain). Thanatos was initially visibly hurt when Zagreus decided to leave the Underworld, as he had neglected to inform the god of death. I believe there are some requirements based on where you are with the story progression with the house of hades characters. Reaching maximum affinity with Thanatos will unlock a scene in Zagreus's Room, where Zagreus can either begin a romantic relationship with him or continue as friends. This initiates a contest where they compete to slay more shades than the other, for that encounter. Here’s how to unlock and romance Thanatos in Hades. Hypnos is the embodiment of sleep. lots of shy Than poofing off because he can't handle the flirting. Zagreus and Thanatos are immune from each other's attacks. Thanatos will make several remarks about having met. Exalted warriors will not spawn a soul when Thanatos kills them, but only count as one point for him. Thanatos is one of the NPCs you can encounter in Hades, but his appearance is completely random. After completing his favor, giving Thanatos Ambrosia will give you Companion Mort in exchange. He is one of Nyx's many children and the twin brother of Hypnos . He knows her well enough to know she rarely changes her mind on matters regarding the state of the House of Hades. Alecto (Colleague). Zagreus also encourages Thanatos to be more outwardly kind to Hypnos, and their relationship improves from there. His most recent such venture took longer than usual - speculated by Hypnos and Zagreus to be related to the ongoing war - but returns some time after the game's opening. As his mother and superior, Nyx encourages Thanatos to put his best effort in his work, due to its importance. Thanatos (Hades Video Game) Zagreus (Hades Video Game) Zeus (Hades Video Game) Established Relationship; Married Couple; Racism; Olympian Gods Looking Down on the Chthonic Gods; Insecure Thanatos (Hades Video Game) Angry Zagreus (Hades Video Game) Zeus Being an Asshole (Hades Video Game) Hurt Thanatos (Hades Video Game) Soft Thanatos is Soft (Hades Video Game) Once Zagreus proves his strength to Thanatos, Thanatos can be given Ambrosia the next time he is encountered in the House of Hades. Even when asked by Zagreus, Thanatos is unable to reveal any information about Charon or his plans, suggesting that Zagreus might know the boatman better than he does. It is through his and Zagreus' encouragement that Hypnos starts improving in his work, through discovering and embracing Hypnos' love of creating lists to help him plan out his time better. The Fates: Despite all being children of Nyx, Thanatos isn't close or even in contact with his prophetic sisters. If you’re able to escape the Underworld without any help from Thanatos, you’ll then be able to progress your relationship with him even further when you meet him again. He apparently dislikes the mortal realm, in particular how bright it can get. If given Nectar, Thanatos will give you the Pierced Butterfly. Megaera: Megaera and Thanatos are work colleagues and friends, having bonded over their mutual frustration over being tricked by Sisyphus in the past. In Elysium, Flame Wheels that self-destruct are not counted as points. Thanatos is the personification of death. Thanatos occasionally appears at the beginning of regular encounters and challenges Zagreus to see which of them can slay more shades. If you manage to beat him, he’ll reward you with a Centaur Heart, and you’ll still get whatever reward was in that chamber before he showed up. Thanatos, the embodiment of death, is a unique character you can meet in Hades. Hypnos: Thanatos initially appears rather cold towards his brother, largely ignoring him for long periods while occupied with his work. After 6 bottles of Nectar, further gifts will be locked until you complete his favor. While his relationship with Zagreus is officially described as childhood friends, Thanatos did not grow up with Zagreus. Developed by Supergiant Games, Hades is a new action roguelite game from the studio that’s just launched out of early access and is now available on PC and the Nintendo Switch. As with other companions, giving Thanatos nectar for the first time will give you an item, the Pierced Butterfly, and raise your affinity with them. Thanatos has no requirements which must be unlocked before he returns to the Underworld. As the embodiment of death, Thanatos has many duties requiring him to venture up into the mortal realm.