Suikoden, Suikoden II, Suikoden III and Suikoden IV Price Drop to 70% off at PS Store. If the player claims a major victory, it's possible to obtain special items. If the player is capable of winning the army battle both quickly and with minimum damage, they will often be rewarded with a special item or level up. The characters in the boarding party will determine the ships HP by how many followers they give, and the Rune Cannon operator gives the ship its elemental affinity and determines the power of the ship's cannons. Griffith: Of course, but some soldiers may prefer not to surrender. The enemies next plan is I didn't see it coming. The player and enemy take turns moving across a grid like map until they are in range of attacking and then choose whether to attack or use a Rune or party ability. Three Squares means C rank, Four Squares means B rank, and Five Squares means A rank. Suikoden's manual makes references to Magic Points for spellcasting. We beat the Imperial Army! Suikoden Wikia is a FANDOM Games Community. Also, final damage seems to vary by + or - 1 unit most of the time. The original game utilizes a simple Rock/Paper/Scissors mechanic utilizing three different types of units: Infantry (Charge), Archers (Bow), and Mage (Magic). Critical is mostly used by Ridley, Georg, Shu, while evading is for Klaus, Apple and Jess. Some may only fight for one chapter, while others might be around for the whole game. Each Army Battle has conditions for victory or defeat, usually involving the defeat of the armies leader. Archer Ships > Combat Ships > Ram Ships > Archer Ships. Also included are other command options, like thiefs, ninjas, stratgists, dragon knights, and more. Retreat has the unit try to retreat but they will have to survive one round where the enemy gets a free action. A mistranslation that completely changes an entire scene. The enemies next plan is _____ _____, I think. Most party members can be assigned to any position but only some characters actually have the Captain quality and give bonus. One important thing to note about party members in units is that their levels and skills are factored. Battle at Panna Yakuta Castle: Battle at Fortress of Garan: Battle at Scarleticia Castle (#1) Battle at Scarleticia Castle (#2) Battle with Teo (#1) Battle with Teo (#2) Battle at the Northern Checkpoint: Battle at the Floating Fortress Shazarazade : The Last Battle: Notes: Battle at Panna Yakuta Castle. Only certain characters can die in the major battles in Suikoden 1, those that cannot are in at least one of four catagories. Do note that while all the characters listed here are selectable in major battles, they will not be usuble in all battles. On the flip side if the player uses a fire shell and the enemy uses a water shell, then the enemy shell would negate the fire shell and damage the player ship. If two units of the same alignment have access to the same enemy square, the non-attacking unit will support the attacking unit giving that unit bonuses. The elements damage affinity works like this: Army Battles in Suikoden V are played like a simplified Real Time Strategy game. Damage is based on what units are used with both sides receiving casualties if they choose the same type of unit, or one side receiving greater losses based if they chose a unit weak to the opponents. They are often associated with specific Runes of significance. The fifteen characters in the Other groups in the battles. 99 in Chris Lightfellow's first chapter. Genso Suikoden TIERKREIS: Castle of Stardust, Genso Suikoden: The Woven Web of a Century. Assemble Genso Suikoden Radio! Battles take place on a grid-based map with the units being able to move a certain amount of spaces based on the unit's movement stat. Suikoden channel opened and Discord Server available on Suikoden Wiki! We'd better attack at once. Gremio: Here we go, Young Master. Then Mathiu states "Here's the report. Infantry > Archer > Cavalry > Infantry > ... For the Naval battles, the basic system is largely similar, with a few changes. The Skills go from dealing percentage damage to recovering lost Health Points. Other words, charge beats bow (but bow still get to attack), bow beats magic, and magic beats charge. Kwanda: Damn you! Please take care. Followers serve as a ship's HP. It incorporates several elements from earlier installments and still maintain a simple rock-paper-scissor structure like its predecessors. This is very important for defensive purposes, especially when dealing with enemy vessels using elements whose weaknesses can't be exploited easily. If an allied unit is defeated, there is a probability that a member can send a message: Wounded or Death. Boarding party affects which units will be used in Boarding combat, and how many followers a ship will have. I was wrong. Each unit consists of three characters and can be rearranged by speaking with Apple in her room or in the War Room. Suikoden III have battles that take place on a board which is split up by different points on a map that are connected by lines. By Na2. The maximum defense and attack is 17 in the Allied forces, while Highland has Luca with 18 attack power and defense 17. Walkthrough/FAQ. The enemies next plan is I didn't see it coming. Each entry has its own unique gameplay system for army battles but most entries share the idea of the army being stronger based on how many of the 108 Stars of Destiny the player has recruited. Every game in the series has different forms of war battles most notably in Suikoden IV, where the battles are done in the sea. For example, if the player ship used a fire round and the enemy ship used an earth elemental round, then both shots would pass through each other and both ships would take damage. The Player and enemy army occupy each point and can only attack opponents on the adjacent point their path is connected to. Major Battles. Griffith: I thought that if I joined the Imperial Army, Iwas set for life. For more details, check out this Liking points guide. The General also has a rank shown in the unit window, that determine its efficiency. When the number of troops reach zero, the side with soldiers remaining wins. ______ was wounded./died in battle." While the enemies can send messages in the same way, but remain involved in wars even though supposedly dead. Conceit! Party member units still have access to all of their special runes and skill levels meaning that the units can use rune magic if they wish but the player has no control over what specific action they can take. Liukan: I'm still pretty good at this age. This is because the two elements don't affect each other. August 29, 2019. Rune spells can be cast in the main menu before engaging in battle. War Abilities are effects or bonuses that a particular character contributes to a unit during a large-scale Army Battle in Suikoden II. Updated: 7 Feb 2013 9:23 pm. Suikoden IV's battles are ship battles instead of usual infantry encounters. The player can move multiple units per turn by one space or several if they are moving through their own occupation zones allowing for quick movement of weakened units from the front line. Unlike other Army Battles, Suikoden II is based on the attack, defense, runes and luck. Each character can be used to customize the ships and characters can be separated into three groups: Captains, Rune Cannons, and Boarding Party. Griffith: Damn, we couldn't fool them. Early decent armors Edit In total there are fourteen allied units and twenty supporting characters. Any character with seperated story appearances in the game, thus Valeria can die since all her essential scenes revolve around the build up to and capture of Pannu Yakuta castle, but Sylvina cannot die because she appears at Pannu Yakuta and in the main hall before the Last Battle. Sonya: H-how dare you, you impertinent scoundrel! Captains affect the ships movement, speed, and their defense from attacks. This compensates for the lack of units against Highland Army. If a unit takes heavy damage from battle or chooses to retreat, they will move back one space away from the opposing units attack range. depending on which outcome has transpired. This led to the discovery of a way to level the part of the cast to Lv. In these cases the character becomes inactive, and cannot be used again unless it is an important character. In the case of Evade, There is a possibility of damage to the enemy unit. Mathiu: This is the first battle for new Liberation Army's. To see all the units for both sides, then … Yoshitaka Murayama, the creator of the Genso Suikoden series states that this very battle was "a tough admission of defeat" by Shu. Boarding an enemy vessel will result in the games normal battle system where the boarding party must face off with the ship's crew. The battles themselves work differently than previous entries. Suikoden: Gameplay Guides: War Battles Guide by CelesDestiny. The people assigned to run the cannons will determine both the ships elemental affinities and attack power of the cannons. Suikoden 2. The army is made up of either recruited characters or generic soldiers based on one of the games factions.