Understanding coding helps students better understand the nature of the world around them, and how and why increasing parts of it function as they do. Look at all of the IT-related jobs available in the world, advocates say. What Kids' Cooking Classes Teach Self-education will make you a fortune.” ― Jim Rohn. Four companies showed up, and three of them started the conversation by saying “We’re not planning on hiring anyone, but…”. In response, critics argue that coding courses have no monopoly on the development of such skills, and that in fact such skills should be embedded throughout an entire curriculum, not the focus of a single school subject. As long as you are willing to self-teach, a bootcamp might be exactly what you are looking for. I had planned on going back to school the coming fall, but suddenly I couldn’t justify the time commitment. We learned that changing practice is hard. Religious Freedom The constitution dictates that every person has the right to practice whatever religion they would like, at anytime and anywhere that they would like. It distorts the notion that school is for everyone. Here again, many critics may laud such efforts but still argue that, even if you concede that coding is a new literacy in our increasingly technology-saturated world, it is still worth asking two rather basic questions before moving ahead with new, large, When considering that broad middle area, I guess I’d tend to view things a bit like artificial intelligence pioneer Roger Schank who, As an extracurricular or enrichment activity in education systems that are already doing a good job in promoting the development of basic literacy skills, the introduction of efforts to promote coding in schools seems rather reasonable, especially where such efforts help. Using technology in education has its pros and cons, but properly implementing it will help minimize the drawbacks. Those that do recognize this may still argue that there is an opportunity cost here: If you add coding to the mandatory curriculum for all students, what comes out? Critics respond that many related efforts are a waste of time in practice because: they focus on developing largely mechanical processes that are easily learned in other venues; they are largely concerned with “job-relevant” skills of today, not tomorrow; initiatives of this sort are largely driven by the business sector (a group that they view with great suspicion); and many efforts have little pedagogical value in and of themselves. Some schools are adding coding to their elementary curriculum – although a 2015 Google report revealed that 75 percent of schools do not offer computer science classes that include coding/programming. “Do you have any experience with Agile?”. When we learned my wife was pregnant with our first child, that paycheck didn’t seem to be so large after all. Con: Coding Bootcamps Are Long. Had I relied on campus hiring events, I would still be looking for work. Not only does learning to code help them with the technology they use on a daily basis, but it is helpful for other skills as well. Are they better than a college degree? My job is almost 100% Java, which I knew absolutely nothing about prior to starting. It was why I went to my bootcamp, and why I recommend them to others (with certain caveats and a hefty grain of salt). Those that do recognize this may still argue that there is an opportunity cost here: If you add coding to the mandatory curriculum for all students, what comes out? Whether you teach your child to code is completely up to you. Sure there are loans, but the grace period will end in a couple months and you’ll be required to starting chipping away at the payments regardless of if you’ve found a job or not. In any language it can get fairly complicated. Your results may vary. But it is important to look at the pros and cons before making an informed decision. Anyone who wants to learn programming is going to have to be highly-motivated to do well and get a job. “Do you have any experience in Containers or Cloud Deployment?”. Is coding education in schools indeed a gateway to coding, or is it in practice just “edutainment”, something to do with all the computers that schools have purchased and still haven’t figured out how to use productively? Opting instead for income sharing agreements up to a fixed cap once the student finds a job in the field. Fostering Creativity in the Learning Process. Can you even afford it? by Rachael Tom This may be true, some critics argue, but is this really the “best” gateway? Augmenting my own site with Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMP), The Hardest Part of Being a Software Manager. I had no idea how to answer these questions. Technology is constantly evolving and no single degree/course/what-have-you will fully prepare you for a job.