It’s important to understand that many safety precautions are being taken during the development of gene therapy… Many forms of gene therapy are being researched in adults, at least initially. Ongoing clinical trials are being conducted in people across many categories to determine the potential risks of treatment with gene therapy. Jesse received gene therapy … Risk depends on the type of gene therapy, type of vector Vector a delivery system used to introduce genetic material into the nucleus See glossary for more terms >, and administration method.Some risks can be serious. The Possible Risks of Gene Therapy. By Jocelyn Kaiser Jan. 6, 2020 , 8:00 AM. The risks of gene therapy were realized in the 1999 case of Jesse Gelsinger, an 18-year-old patient who received gene therapy as part of a clinical trial at the University of Pennsylvania. Some gene therapies may not work in patients with certain … SAFETY IS A TOP PRIORITY. As with any treatment, there are risks associated with gene therapy. 4 Potential risks of gene therapy … Understanding safety is key. What are the risks associated with gene therapy? Viruses can usually infect more than one … [Name of the Institute] Abstract This paper discus about the Gene therapy involves the introduction of genes. Gene therapy also comes with risks. Virus used in gene therapies may pose cancer risk, dog study hints.