If this is Geralf's "Prized Amalgam" creation, it's terrible. High. Perpetual Timepiece mills you. That’s it. Ships from and sold by Timeless Settings. Watch Queue Queue Prized Amalgam and Haunted Dead are in your graveyard. Even if the Amalgam eats a Lightning Bolt, it can come right back along with Bloodghast or Narcomoeba before too long. The ability resolves. Prized Amalgam has been played in more than 20 decks in the last year. Tweet. Whenever a creature enters the battlefield, if it entered from your graveyard or you cast it from your graveyard, return Prized Amalgam from your graveyard to … Low. A 3-mana 3/3 is a reasonable rate, but the fact that you don’t care which zone your Amalgams are in makes them incredible weapons. Haunted Dead doesn't leave before the Amalgam arrives. Prized Amalgam was designed for this very purpose. Priority is passed. This step might be key to illustrate to a judge: there is a game state where there is an ability on the stack and both Haunted Dead and Prized Amalgam are in the graveyard. Prized Amalgam can tag along when Bloodghast comes back, and getting a recurring 3/3 beater for zero mana is the height of efficient. Top Trading Card Games, Miniatures, Comics, plus Casual and Competitive Tournaments 4 Asylum Visitor 3 Geralf's Masterpiece 4 Heir of Falkenrath 4 Jace, Vryn's Prodigy 4 Prized Amalgam 4 Stitchwing Skaab. It is currently being played in , mainly in the following archetypes: Dredge Mill Crabvine. Ichorid Dredge. This item: Magic The Gathering - Prized Amalgam (249/297) - Shadows Over Innistrad $2.17 Only 2 left in stock - order soon. Creatures [23] 3 Call the Bloodline 2 Dead Weight 4 Just the Wind 3 … However if your deck is filled with those effects, like Marchesa, then this card still doesn't do much since you won't have a problem re-animating it in the first place. Avg. You pay costs. Dredgeless Dredge Dredge Manaless dredge Zombardment. This video is unavailable. Prized Amalgam by Raphael Levy. Format: Standard - SOI. Deck Price: MAIN DECK. RELATED: Magic: The Gathering - Innistrad's Shadowy Stensia Province, Explained Watch Queue Queue. The deck designer included multiple copies of a card that has no impact on the battlefield. Dredgeless Dredge Sultai Sacrifice Grixis Phoenix Amalgam Dredge Sultai Graveyard 5 Color Niv-Mizzet.