Can’t find your Topic from the list above? How good financial policies of a country with the other nations give rise to strong political relations between them? What role political psychology plays for the politicians to understand the psychology of their target audience to appeal them accordingly for votes in democratic government? Does every politician have a fair idea about the different methodologies of political science especially in a democratic nation? How the coming of science and technology affects global politics both in positive as well as negative connotation? A hypothesis is a description of a pattern in nature or an explanation about some real-world phenomenon that can be tested through observ... ABSTRACT This research looks at indecent dressing, causes and the societal effects it has on our moral value. What are the major rules that should be followed while governing a nation to take it towards development? This collection of almost 100 political science research paper topics and example papers on political science highlights the most important topics, issues, questions, and debates that any student obtaining a degree in this field ought to have mastered for effectiveness. What theories of political psychology are still are considered relevant and used by the politicians for good governance, understanding the behavior of other politicians and in setting international treaties with other nations on trade and business? Why it is crucial to have a good understanding of global language and effective communication for better international politics? CHILD RIGHTS PROTECTION IN ETHIOPIA AND KENYA: A COMPARATIVE ANALYSIS, 10. How a good political government always cater to the needs of its citizens by taking decisions strategically on the available resources? The social and gender politics sometimes becomes a barrier for an individual to grow in every dimension of life. It is also possible to seek help in political science presentations and other assignments by paying a very nominal price to experts. THE POLITICAL ECONOMY OF DEMOCRATIZATION AND FEDERALIZING MULTI-ETHNIC STATES IN SUB SAHARAN AFRICA: THE POST COLD WAR YEARS IN REFERENCE TO ETHIOPIA AND NIGERIA, 5. Can we say that strong political relations with the developed countries help developing nations to bring industrial setup? The popularity of … Continue reading "POLITICAL SCIENCE & INTERNATIONAL RELATIONS: … What are the major qualities that a good democratic government must possess for the best political governance? How to increase the forex reserve of a country by good governance in cross border politics? THE VIABILITY OF AFRICAN SOLUTIONS TO AFRICAN PROBLEMS IN PEACE AND SECURITY: LIBYA AND SOMALIA AS CASE STUDIES, 2. How wars and battles lead to the state of anarchy in a country and suppress the good governance of a democratic government. How economic development, cross border trade, and international politics flourish in peaceful situations? Political Science & International Relations Project Topics ... Download Political Science & International Relations Research Project Topics and Materials. How the poor economic development of a country can be directly proportioned to the improper political actions of government towards the economy? SANCTIONS AND THEIR IMPACT ON HUMAN RIGHTS: THE CASES OF BURUNDI AND ZIMBABWE, 7. SECURITY IMPLICATIONS OF BOKO HARAM INSURGENCY FOR NIGERIA AND NIGER REPUBLIC DIPLOMATIC RELATIONS (2009-2015), INDECENT DRESSING; A SERIOUS ENCROACHMENT ON OUR MORAL VALUES (A CASE STUDY OF MASS COMMUNICATION STUDENTS), IMPACT OF RADIO BROADCAST ON RURAL AREAS/COMMUNITIES (A CASE STUDY OF ERUWA TOWN IN OYO STATE), PHARMACOGNOSTIC AND ANTIBACTERIAL STUDIES OF ACACIA SIEBERIANA VAR WOODII (FABACEAE) STEM BARK, ASSESSING KNOWLEDGE, PRACTICE AND FACTORS INFLUENCING BIRTH PREPAREDNESS AND COMPLICATION READINESS AMONG COUPLES IN SELECTED RURAL COMMUNITIES IN OJI RIVER LOCAL GOVERNMENT AREA OF ENUGU STATE, Article: How to Write a Research Proposal, IMPACT OF ELECTRONIC MEDIA ON THE DEVELOPMENT OF RURAL AREA (RADIO AND TELEVISION) (A CASE STUDY OF NEW-ERUWA), THE INFLUENCE OF MEDIA OWNERSHIP ON PROFESSIONALISM (A STUDY OF NIGERIAN NEWSDIRECT NEWSPAPER), Project Topics and Materials | Download Free Research Projects.