The most budget-minded might find it a little out of their price range. これまで散々リークをお伝えしてきたMade by GoogleのChromebookである「Google Pixelbook Go」が、無事に発表となりました。※結局、m3モデルを購入してレビューしています。ス … Compared to flagship products like the Google Pixelbook … The Pixelbook Go … They’re making another Pixelbook. The Google Pixelbook Go has quite a few things going for it, especially at its price. Two minute review The Google Pixelbook Go is an enticing alternative to flagship products like the Google Pixelbook.It may not be the cheapest option out there – the most budget-minded might … Here in this article we will be talking about Pixelbook Go Specifications and Review, and it’s Google’s first attempt to make a Chromebook that doesn’t cost, like, $1,000.