Pita Jungle uses bulgur in their tabouli (which is traditional) but I use quinoa in mine, to boost the protein a little, and I can't tell the difference in flavor. https://www.veganfamilyrecipes.com/jalapeno-cilantro-hummus This post was originally published on 4/23/2015. I've had the shawarma pita many, many times here, but the last time it did not taste the same----I was trying to figure out what they did wrong (it… I’ve made hummus before, but have been unhappy with the consistency (too paste-y? Get full nutrition facts for other Pita Jungle products and all your other favorite brands. Cilantro Jalapeno Hummus at Pita Jungle "I remember this place before it served alcohol. I love the cilantro jalapeno hummus at Pita Jungle, and since my wallet isn’t really amenable to eating there daily, plus, you know, I can COOK and all – I had to attempt this. Prep time includes the recommended 24-hour marinate time for the tabouli. May 29, 2017 - I'm addicted to this dish at a local pita chain and had to re-create it at home. The flavor combinations are out of this world; every bit is sheer heaven, I'm not even kidding! The hummus recipe is a variation of my Recipe #436722. There are 200 calories in 1/2 platter (121 g) of Pita Jungle Cilantro Jalapeno Hummus (Small). When I visit friends in Scottsdale, Arizona, there is a restaurant I like to frequent called This is a vegetarian recipe that will please non-vegetarians (my husband and I are bot… ), and wondered if it was because I never removed the shells/husks from the chickpeas before using. It was republished on 6/26/19 with helpful My taste buds have never experienced such excitement.