All menus clearly shown on front panel surrounding the knob. There’s even a rinse-free rice cooking option, as well as quick cooking. Powered by. That's where "fuzzy logic" rice cookers come in. This type of rice becomes very sticky when it’s steamed, which can make it tricky to master by hand. Fuzzy logic technology isn’t exactly new, but if you make rice frequently or need a machine that can make adjustments for less common types of rice, a fuzzy logic rice maker can make a practical addition to your home. This allows you to cook mixed grains with brown rice evenly for great consistency. Keep track of your product warranty coverage, Qualify for cash-back, gifts and special offers, Philips values and respects your privacy. Those with fuzzy logic can cook white, sushi, sweet, brown rice (which serves as the perfect the base for our hearty vegetarian burrito rice bowl), glutinous (sticky) rice, etc. This rice cooker has a capacity of 3.2 quarts, or six cups of uncooked rice. There are other rice options as well. The advantage of fuzzy logic technology is that it monitors the temperature and pressure as the rice cooks, making adjustments as necessary to deliver ideal end results. The next step is a sustained boil at medium heat, followed by a quick boil on the highest heat. Fuzzy Logic Rice Cooker Freshness locked in, your best rice every time Nutrition is important to keep healthy.Philips' new rice cookers come with smart cooking programs on temperature control so that freshness& nutrition is better preserved.Revolutionary design on rotary knob control make recipe selection easy See all benefits You can choose to cook mixed rice along with glutinous rice. 5 Best Fuzzy Logic Rice Cookers: Your Buyer’s Guide, Copyright © 2020 Heavy, Inc. All rights reserved. There are currently no items in your shopping cart. The Tefal Pro 1.8L Rice Cooker RK8055 is a mighty appliance that combines the best technology available in rice cookers in Singapore – fuzzy logic, induction heating, and spherical heating. Whole ring is lightenen up to show different cooking stauts: cooking, keep warm and reheat, Special hand grip design on steam tray so that it can be easily taken out from inner pot. You’ll find options for regular and sushi rices, along with mixed rice, porridge, sweet and brown rices. If you've accidentally left your rice swimming in a pool of water, the cooker will simply cook slightly longer or with a higher temperature. Freshness locked in, your best rice every time. Its 5.5-cup capacity makes this Zojirushi rice cooker suitable for a crowd. Panasonic Microcomputer Controlled Rice Cooker (SR-ZG105), Elechomes LED Touch Control Rice Cooker (CR502), 10 Best Multi Cookers: Your Easy Buying Guide, 9 Best Rice Cookers: Your Easy Buying Guide. Other highlights include a preset timer, delay start function and a built-in handle for portability. Such machines also adjust to common mistakes, such as adding too much water. 10 Best Slow Cookers: Which Is Right for You? Fuzzy logic technology is combined with microcomputer-controlled heating for precise heat regulation. Simply turns the knob left and right to make menu selection. Separate timers, including one for cooking, helps you keep track of your meal’s progress. One of the main selling points of the Zojirushi rice cooker range is that it uses fuzzy logic cooking technology. (, Track your Pregnancy with #1 Pregnancy App Worldwide. Disclaimer: Heavy Inc. is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program and other affiliate advertising programs and may receive a commission if you purchase a product via a link on this page. Use the reheating mode of the Philips pressure rice cooker to warm up rice that has cooled down. In fact, it has 16 functions in one. The result is precisely monitored temperatures and heating times to cook rice to perfection with every batch. Brands such as Panasonic and Zojirushi pioneered the technology, but you can find fuzzy logic rice cookers from a variety of manufacturers on the market today.