As they pursued the Thousand Sunny, Perospero was gleeful in seeking revenge on the Straw Hats for the loss of his arm. [11] He refers to people he is fond of as candy, calling them "sweet" as he referred to Nami as a sweet "candy girl". Statistics Pirat; Minister słodyczy; Piracki oficer [1] Perospero later lost Caesar when the scientist's heart was passed to Capone Bege. Shārotto Perosuperō Zdania tego nie podziela jednak Katakuri, który zauważył, że to strona załogi Big Mom odniosła największe straty w walce. [55] His hatred for the Straw Hats lead him to accompany his mother to Wano Country for revenge. Something large and navy blue with baby blue polka-dots comes out from under his hat and curves upward on either side. Personnage: Perospero Matériau: Résine Edition Limitée: 300 pièces Hauteur: 29 cm Dimension: 29x14x16 cm Poids: 2.5kg Date de Sortie: 2019 Prix de sortie: Voir la figurine. Devil Fruit Perospero ma sadystyczny charakter. [2], After Monkey D. Luffy and Nami were captured by Big Mom's army, Perospero went to the Prisoner Library to watch the captive Straw Hat Pirates on display inside a book before Big Mom talked to them from a Den Den Mushi. Końcówki jego ciemnych butów zakręcone są do góry. Słoneczni Piraci (Jinbe) • Załoga Fire Tank (Capone Bege) [38] He seems to worry about her after her face was scarred during their childhood. Po zastąpieniu ręki cukierkową protezą, narzekał, że będzie się topiła za każdym razem, gdy będzie pił gorącą herbatę. Prowokował Brooka i Choppera, mówiąc, że ich przyjaciele na pewno gryzą piach. Diabelskie owoce [9] When Jinbe told Big Mom that there was no cake on the Thousand Sunny, Big Mom refused to listen while telling Jinbe not to call her son a liar as she would kill him otherwise. Charlotte Perospero The eldest son of the Charlotte Family. Perospero posiada dużo większą niż reszta rodzeństwa władzę nad załogą. Perospero agreed and wondered what Judge meant when he mentioned the Vinsmokes' Raid Suits. Twierdził, że to on powinien zostać następnym kapitanem, ze względu na to, że jest najstarszym dzieckiem. Lokalizacje His bounty of 700,000,000 is a testament of his strength. Perospero Accueil / Perospero. [18] He seems to care for his siblings since he angrily demanded Luffy to unhand his sister Brûlée after she pleaded with Perospero to save her. Strausen'i unutmadım ama belki Perospero 6. adamdır. [98] He then watched his mother eat the cake and was surprised that she actually enjoyed it. Na morzach w pobliżu Wano Perospero zauważył, że vivre card Big Mom była nadal nienaruszona, co oznaczało, że ​​wciąż żyła. When Kaido's forces attacked their ship to prevent them from reaching Wano, Perospero created a candy barrier to deflect the enemy's cannon fire. When Mont-d'Or and Galette brought up the possibility that Big Mom might be captured and killed by Kaido, Perospero argued with Daifuku over who would take control of the Big Mom Pirates in that event, claiming that his seniority as the eldest child meant that he should become the next captain. Pirate Officer;[3] Minister of Candy[2] His shoes have a long tip spiraling inward. [37] When Luffy took his sister Brûlée hostage, he attempted to save her after she cried out for help. Yūya Uchida [64] He can also use hardened candy to bind and immobilize his opponents, being strong enough to hold down even the genetically-enhanced children of the Vinsmoke Family[65] and Capone Bege's giant castle form. [101], When Big Mom tried to infiltrate Wano Country, Perospero accompanied his mother and crew as they attempted to climb the waterfall into the country on the Queen Mama Chanter. Sanji took this chance to free his family from the candy, and the Straw Hats gave them earplugs and their Raid Suits. [32] However, due to being the first born, Perospero believes himself to be the next leader of the Big Mom Pirates should Big Mom meet her demise, while Daifuku believes that Katakuri should be since he is more capable. Ace, Thatch, Teach ise diğer muhtemel adaylar saymamız gereken. Po eksplozji spowodowanej przez Pedro, Perospero nie ma prawej ręki, którą zastępuje protezą, dzięki mocy swojego diabelskiego owocu. Personnage: Perospero Matériau: Résine Edition Limitée: 300 pièces Hauteur: 29 cm Dimension: 29x14x16 cm Poids: 2.5kg Date de Sortie: 2019 Prix de sortie: Voir la figurine. Charlotte Family;[2] Big Mom Pirates[3] [102], The crew later heard about Big Mom's newly formed alliance with Kaido. Birthday: [96] While continuing to follow the Thousand Sunny, Perospero was amazed to see Chopper defend the Sunny against Big Mom's onslaught.[55]. [15] He can also be vindictive, as after his right arm was severed by an explosion caused by Pedro, Perospero swore to make the Sanji Retrieval Team suffer for Pedro's actions. Bounty: [25] In spite of his immense loyalty towards his mother, he is not above manipulating her during her furious tantrums, tricking her into going after the Straw Hat Pirates while she was having a craving for wedding cake. Perospero was ranked by his younger siblings as their third-favorite older brother, behind Katakuri and Oven. He first encountered them in the Prisoner Library where he taunted the captive Luffy and Nami,[44] especially when Luffy challenged Big Mom again.