pls. We shy away from teas that taste burnt, or over-roasted, as this leads to a sharp, bitter bite, and is often a sign that the roaster was trying to cover for a lack of inherent flavor in the leaf. Find out what standards we use to determine tea quality >>. Da Hong Pao, or Dahongpao in Chinese literally means “Big Red Robe”. Sign up for our newsletter to get blog updates in your inbox! Here Da Hong Pao refers to the most famous oolong tea in China, a kind of rock tea in Wuyi Mountains Fujian Province in southeast China. To be specific, Da Hong Pao is a variety of the Camellia sinensis tea plant, just as Cabernet Sauvignon is a variety of wine grapes. Varieties of Camellia sinensis have been found and cultivated throughout China for thousands of years, but only a few have gained true notoriety in the way Da Hong Pao has. Mount Wuyi 4 day Tour from US$320 p/p If you don’t want to go the do-it-yourself route and prefer the hassle-free escorted tours,  here are some options for Wuyishan Guided Tours: Wuyi Mountain 3 Days Tour from US$265 p/p If I get to the top in the imperial examination, I will return here, helping repair the temple.”. While fantastic stories have helped to build this tea’s reputation as a rare and valuable commodity, they say little about the quality of flavor found in any particular leaf. By visiting high elevation tea farms and working with craftsmen that understand traditional charcoal firing techniques, we are able to select a high quality range of Wuyi oolongs, including varieties such as the descendant Bei Dou, and even a heritage roasted Da Hong Pao, which we call by the English name Grand Scarlet Robe. Da Hong Paos besitzen ein charakteristisches Aussehen und ein leicht rauchiges Aroma. It is designated both a ‘Chinese Famous Tea’ and a ‘The Four Great Bushes’ tea. Join our newsletter for updates on new products & blog posts! The legend has it that long long ago there was a student who was going to the capital to take part in the imperial examination. and Comments (RSS). Da Hong Pao has unique orchid fragrance and a long-lasting sweet aftertaste. Dry Da Hong Pao has a shape like tightly knotted ropes or slightly twisted strips, and is green and brown in color. A Global Tea Hut tea reference describes Da Hong Pao as a plant type, which it gives a detailed description of, and seems to describe Bei Dou as a first generation derivative plant type, with the name related to plants grown in a very limited area (with most details on page 19 of this reference). The monk took him to Jiulongke Valley where the monk pointed to the rock tea trees which grew on the rock midway in the mountains. So refreshing to get the meaningful story in depth without overdecoration. Indeed, many more common varieties grown in the same area are labeled as Da Hong Pao for the benefit of prestige. Die Berghänge von Wuyishan mit ihrem einmaligen Klima und den mineralstoffreichen Böden sorgen für kräftige und aromatische Teeblätter. Click here for instructions on how to enable JavaScript in your browser. Currently you have JavaScript disabled. The real, original Da Hong Pao is hardly existed anymore because there are barely any of the original tea tree left. 2. Have you explored the world of Wuyi oolong teas? Wuyishan Car Rental with Driver from US$ 45. This entry was posted It is a long leaf oolong tea with a sweet aroma, a unique woodsy character and fruity muscatel tones. Take the shuttle bus to the Da Hong Pao scenic area. The whole hiking trip took about 4 hours. On the way, he fell ill in Wuyi Mountains. It is said that in its 50 years’ history it was the first time that China National Museum selected a food into its valuable collections. There are many kinds of Wuyi Mountain Rock Tea. Lower grades are roasted with modern convection ovens that make it easier to craft in larger batches. Most Wuyi oolong teas are heavily roasted over a charcoal fire to produce a dark color and caramelize the glucose present in the leaf in order to create natural sweetness. After drinking the tea soup, the empress magically felt better and was slowly recovered. Some companies create proprietary blends of various local varieties to create an approximation of the famed flavor profile. Realy I am proud for picture of dahongpao with mountain. Da Hong Pao (Big Red Robe) is a heavily oxidized, dark oolong tea. Trustworthy Beijing Based China Tour Operator, Trip Report, Travel Reviews, Travel Advice, Travel Tips. Impression Da Hong Pao ( daily Outdoor Musical Show in Wuyi Mountains ) There are many kinds of Wuyi Mountain Rock Tea. Find out more about wild and cultivated varieties of Camellia Sinensis >>. We chose the second choice, hiking from Water Curtain Cave through the picturesque valleys and creeks, then got to the final destination – Da Hong Pao Trees. At the end of the trip, again take the shuttle bus back to the Wuyishan National Resort. Da Hong Pao ist ein Wuyi-Felsentee, der auf den steilen Felsen des Wuyi-Gebirges im Norden der ostchinesischen Provinz Fujian in China angebaut wird. Drei dieser Büsche wachsen auf einem Felsen auf dem Berg Quyi und … Methods of crafting in this region have been perfected over several centuries to complement the natural flavor profile created by native varieties and terroir. Notably, this is believed to be a wild variety, naturally adapted to the rocky cliffs of the Wuyi Mountains in northern Fujian, rather than a cultivated variety created by tea farmers. As rock tea, Da Hong Pao tea plants grow on the rocks in the Wuyi Mountains. The monk advised him to keep well the pack in case. China Travel Tips – Entries (RSS) I took a stereotyped picture below the Mother Tea Trees of Da Hong Pao. You can skip to the end and leave a response. While a strong roast done properly will mellow into deep nuances of fruit or floral tones over time, a burnt tea will never regain complexity of flavor. my ability. Wow another clear, informative, spin free illumination on one of my favorite teas. The prince came to Wuyi Mountains. He was the only one in his year to pass the rigorous test, and after being awarded his prestigious red robe, returned to the tea bush to drape the robe over it in thanks. Not long after, the student passed the imperial examination and got the top place. Impression Dahongpao is their fifth production of the Impression series after Impression after the Impression Liu Sanjie in Guilin, Impression Lijiang in Yunnan, Impression West Lake in Hangzhou and impression Hainan Island. Mother of Dahongpao Tea Trees The six original Da Hong Pao tea trees are the important part of the listing of Wuyi Mountains as World Heritage, natural and cultural. My Visit to Da Hong Pao Tea Trees For many years, the extremely limited harvest plucked from these trees was reserved for China’s most elite tea drinkers, and was even presented to President Nixon when he visited in 1972. The monk cured his illness by using the magical tea leaves from the temple. Today, harvesting from these trees has been banned altogether, and “true” Da Hong Pao comes only from descendant plants, derived from cuttings taken long ago. Now Da Hong Pao Tea is a general branding of the various kinds of the oolong tea in the name of Da Hong Pao or rock tea produced in Wuyi Mountains. Understanding Tea Identity: 5 Teas Defined by Variety, Understanding Tea Identity: 5 Teas Defined by Provenance, Types of Pu-erh Tea: Accelerating Natural Fermentation.