When spelling out the sort of self-transcendence inherent to great meaning, it is natural to think of people forgetting themselves and living in the moment. For mere living, pure existence as such, is certainly valueless; it must also have a content, and in that only can the meaning of life reside. Summary of Mortiz Schlick, “On the Meaning of Life”. On the meaning of life (Schlick) Moritz Schlick was the founder of a pretty influential group of European intellectuals called the Vienna Circle, and the father of a now-deceased movement called Logical Positivism, which basically held that the only route to knowledge was empirical observation (so, if you can’t see, feel, taste, smell, or hear it, you can’t know it, so no God or morality). To put it another way, Moritz Schlick did not suffer from the cultural, social, and political insecurities of so many of those with whom, in Vienna, he would spend his time. “Meaning in life” or the “meaning of life” is one of the most discussed topics in the field of philosophy of life. Moritz Schlick expresses this kind of view when he says: On the contrary, the young mathematician Erich Kretschmann (1918) deemed the argument as trivial and actually applicable in all spacetime theories. The brightest example (which at the same time is more than a mere example), is to be seen in the creation of the artist. On meaning of Life by Moritz Schlick The Purpose The Art of Play Process of Development We will never find an ultimate meaning in existence if we only view life under the purpose. 114 MORITZ SCHLICK: PHILOSOPHICAL PAPERS (1925-1936) And yet an answer has to be found. He was a direct descendant on his mother's side of Ernst Moritz Arndt, the famous German patriot and political leader of the war of liberation against Napoleon Bonaparte. like Moritz Schlick (1917) found that Einstein’s coincidence remark aptly expressed the conceptual novelty of general relativity with respect to previous spacetime theories. December 24, 2015 Meaning of Life - Objective. Mortiz Schlick (1882– 1936) was a German philosopher and the founding father of logical positivism and the Vienna Circle. He was shot to death at the University of Vienna by a former student. In Meaning in Life: An Analytic Study (Metz 2013), my overarching aims are to articulate a novel theory of what would make a human person’s life meaningful and to argue that it is more justified than competitors to be found in the analytic philosophical literature from the past 100 or so years. The Turning Point in Philosophy BY MORITZ SCHLICK (TRANSLATED BY DAVID RYNIN) FROM TIME to time prizes have been established for essays on the question what progress philosophy has made in a given period. But what actually fills up our days almost entirely is activities serving to maintain life . John Messerly. Moritz Schlick (1882-1936), ‘On the Meaning of Life’: “Let us look about us: where do we find creative play? The Journal of Philosophy of Life has so far published several papers which deal with the issue of “meaning in life” as their main subject. Kretschmann’s SCHLICK, MORITZ(1882–1936) Moritz Schlick, one of the founders of modern analytical philosophy and a guiding spirit of the Vienna circle of logical positivists, was born in Berlin. The period tends to be limited on the one side by the name of some great PDF | Moritz Schlick was the leader of an influential group of scientists, logicians and philosophers. His activity, the shaping of his work by inspiration, is itself pleasure, and it is half by accident that enduring values arise from it. great meaning on life insofar as we attend not to ourselves, but rather are intensely focused on interacting with something else. Meaning: If we keep striving for future then meaning we will never find the true meaning of life.