Create your plan. Fertilizers will start to absorb water when the CRH is exceeded. Please refer to our helpful charts for more information on application rates and compatibility with other crop protection products. Home » SMART library » Fertigation Fertilizer Compatibility Chart . Start Using and Increase Your Harvest up to 40%. Colored Disc Orifice. This formulation guide contains liquid blending formulas using Sulf-N ® ammonium sulfate, as well as useful tips for making liquid fertilizer blends. Select the chart that corresponds with your row spacing: rate chart — 36″ rows rate chart — 30″ rows rate chart — 20″ rows rate chart — 18 Each farmer’s climatic conditions, application processes and practices may differ. OMEX products are compatible with most herbicides, insecticides, fungicides and fertilizers. potential compatibility problems. Fertilizer compatibility chart. Squeeze pumps only put out 2-3 pounds of pressure. COMPATIBILITY OF LIQUID PESTICIDES AND FERTILIZERS 59. should be watered in as soon as possible to avoid foliar burn. 12 February 2020. Critical relative humidity values for selected fertilizers. Fertilizer Application Rate Charts DO NOT run orifices with squeeze pumps. (4) Phytotoxicity. Easily create your fertilization plan with our software. 2. 3, Issue# 77 Drs. Fertilizers tend to absorb water from the atmosphere (they are hygroscopic) and can become caked and almost cement-like and impossible to apply properly. This cannot be done because squeeze pumps do not put out enough pressure for an orifice system. smartFertilizerAdmin . It is recommended that when applying to a crop or area for the fi rst time, or in … SCOPE Only solid blending components which are sources of primary (N, P and K) and/or secondary (e.g. Another example might be the use of a broadleaf herbicide and insecticide for the control of grubs. 20, No. NUTRAFEED LIQUID FERTILISER PRODUCT RANGE COMPATIBILITY INTERNAL PRODUCT C = COMPATIBLE NC = NOT COMPATIBLE CA = COMPATIBLE WITH AGITATION This compatibility chart should be used as a guide only. Tom Fairweather and Dale Leikam Careful, When Blending Fluid Fertilizers Because blending of fl uid fertilizers can be tricky, even for those experienced in the business, compatibility is always a major concern. 1 min read. Fertilizers Europe has reviewed this information and has produced this guidance with wider scope by including most commonly used blending materials. The Fluid Journal • Offi cial Journal of the Fluid Fertilizer Foundation • Late Spring 2012 • Vol. Liquid urea + NRG KS √ ® FERTILIZER Physical Compatibility Chart Compatibility Index Compatible * *Marginally Compatible, thorough agitation is required, dilution with water is recommended x Incompatible Not Tested Mixes were generally tested at 5 gal/ac water volume CAUTION: This chart is a guide only. The herbicide should remain on the foliage, whereas the insecticide should be watered in to achieve maximum grub control. Ca, Mg) nutrients are considered here. Fertigation Fertilizer Compatibility Chart. .