About this item Japanese Green Tea Matcha Powder.Made in Kyoto Uji Japan.100% Organic Green Tea.This product is certified by JAS and USDA. ... Matcha powder is a unique beverage and ingredient rich in … Kyoto Uji Town, the birthplace of Japanese Hojicha tea located about 250 meters above sea level in the southern part of Kyoto Prefecture, is the main production area of Uji green tea Matcha, rich in natural environment. The company is based in Kyoto—the world’s most bountiful matcha region—and this matcha powder, Ummon-no-mukashi, is the highest grade that it offers. - Ceremonial & Culinary - Selected by Japanese Tea Masters - 100% Pure & Natural. Buy Premium Uji Matcha Green tea powder from Kyoto, Japan 〜 3.53OZ (100g) to 31.75OZ (900g) Bulk Large bag. The Best authentic & Premium Uji Matcha, Japanese Green Tea powder. Best Matcha tea for Lattes, Smoothies, Milk, baking & weight loss. Hot & Cold Water Soluble. Made with organic matcha tea leaves grown in the Uji mountains in Kyoto, Japan. The vivid green color will strike you as soon as you open the lid and, once it’s brewed, expect a rich umami taste with an undertone of sweetness. It can also be used for desserts - why not create your own signature matcha dishes? Tai-an Tea Co. Organic Premium Uji-Kyoto Ceremonial Matcha Green Tea-Seijaku(Silence)-30g/1.11oz 4.4 out of 5 stars 33 Japanese Tea KIMIKURA | Organic Instant green tea powder 30g/1oz … Containing green tea powder and sugar, Rich Matcha Powder makes excellent green tea, matcha au lait, soy matcha au lait and more. This is already blended with sugar and easy to dissolve in both hot & cold water or other drinks. $ 3.50 flat rate shipping fee. Morihan's Rich Matcha Powder Kyoto can be use for multiple purposes.