Uncomplicated Jungle Juice Recipe is your ideal punch beverage for a party crowd. Jungle Juice is necessary for any good party. This recipe makes twenty gallons of Jungle Juice; enough to keep a ragger going all night! It is simple to create this cocktail on a budget. A delicious cocktail recipe for the Jungle Juice cocktail with Vodka, Lime Juice, Pineapple Juice, Triple Sec, Orange Juice, Cranberry Juice, White Rum and Sugar Syrup. 1 litre of apple or any other juice but not acidic juice. If you make this mixture right you won't even taste all the alcohol. Jungle Juice makes a big party a success by providing enough alcohol for everyone. so i decided to go online and look for a jungle juice recipe to rival his! Thanks for visiting jungle juice with fruit on your recipes with this Jungle Juice concepts collection for latest… JUNGLE JUICE RECIPE This is used to help promote more milk when you are breastfeeding... 1 litre of boiled water. i asked for the recipe but the guys refused to give up his secret recipe! This Thanksgiving jungle juice recipe by Delish on YouTube is such an aesthetically pleasing punch to make for a holiday party or gathering. The key to a good jungle juice is masking the flavor of any cheaper alcohol you use and not making it too sweet. Ingredients: 30ml Blackthorn Berry Elixir ; 1 cup of fruit juice (litchi, mango or apple) 3 cups rooibos tea cooled (3 cups hot water with 3 rooibos tea bags – leave to draw for 5 minutes before removing rooibos tea bags); 1 sachet of Rehydrate (add it to a cup of boiled water that has cooled down); 10 drops of Rescue Remedy Recipe by MeliBug So i went to a houseparty last night and they were serving this delicious jungle juice! You will need a 2 litre container.. Jungle Juice Recipe With Rooibos. See the ingredients, how to make it, view instrucitonal videos, and even email or text it to you phone. A common term used for any large-batch alcoholic punch, this may bring back memories of college parties or not (you get what we mean). 60 mls schlehen berry elixier. The components include alcohol such as rum and vodka and a mixture of fresh juice and fruit. jungle juice with fruit – This Jungle Juice concepts was add at 2019-06-06 by jungle juice with fruit Download other Jungle Juice about recipes in your jungle juice with fruit concepts collection including 10 unique unique photo. All different types of alcohol are used in this recipe. We also like to add a little fruit, just to class it up. The cinnamon whisky would add a nice touch of spice to the juice with all of the other ingredients. and this just might be the one! 8/10 drops of rescue remedy. 1 sachet Blackcurrent rehydrate. This amount should be used in 24 hours. Drink it to the SuperBowl, vacations, college parties, and much more! I love how there are 3 different kinds of alcohol in this punch, which makes it super boozy.