I was left gasping along with Seokhyeong), it reminded us that life is fleeting, fragile and uncertain. Connect with Facebook Seok-Hyung is not the Chief of OB/GYN. When he's not yelling at her or trying to compete for food,he really has this indulgent tone with SH. I read them and their interaction the same way you did and I agree 100% with you. She decides that it’s time to give up her crush if the other party is lying to avoid her. Remember the 1st episode when Jung-Won recruited him? After getting off lightly from his bribery charges, Dr. Chun doesn’t show any of the mercy he received to his subordinate, and instead, he acts like he was the one who helped the hospital by suggesting a pay cut to the daughter. js.src = "//connect.facebook.net/en_US/sdk.js"; Good acting all around - from Jaehak to the parents. However, the show reminds its viewers that there are still decent people in the world who take their responsibilities seriously, and it is thanks to these individuals that the world … Continue reading "Hospital Playlist: Episode 8" What I meant to communicate was that they helped contextualize a lot of the defensiveness I was seeing on behalf of JW across many platforms but clearly failed to put it in writing correctly. Another guardian complained—this time about Jae-hak—but Dr. Chun “fixed” the problem by suggesting a 3-month pay cut for Jae-hak to the guardians. Case in point his easy acceptance of dinner with the other ER doc and many other staff. Joon-wan goes out of his way to help Jae-hak, even taking on the role of chief which he rejected, but what I loved most about Joon-wan’s behavior was that he never flaunted it. He refused her. Could it be related to him want to quit his job? Joon-wan notices Ik-joon’s gloves and wonders if he’s parodying Inside Men. Song-hwa makes coffee in her office when Ik-joon drops by to ask if she’s coming to dinner. I was expecting him to eventually take up the post for the extra pay but ofc the show pulled one over me. This episode was a hard watch. One in particular was always a hoot and she said the best thing her husband ever did when she was in labor was to sit there, be quiet and watch tv. Rosa scolds him for not telling his family and then berates his sons for only visiting their sick mom once during the seven years she was hospitalized. or The hospital director sits in his office, commenting on the sense of deva ju. As you said it probably made all the difference between Minha staying and quitting. Noticing his unkempt look, she offers to wash his face, and Ik-joon gratefully accepts. (function(d, s, id) { Honestly what Jeong-won did to Gyeo-wool was wrong. FB.init({ Hospital Playlist Episode 8 English SUB Watch Video Korean drama, Watch the latest dramas list on your website dramacool9.live, Here you can find and watch the best Korean and Chinese dramas and shows with English sub. Ik-joon tells him to get married, then, but Seok-hyung throws his words right back at him. Hospital Playlist Episode 11 English SUB Watch Video Korean drama, Watch the latest dramas list …. This is going to go over like a fart in church. Jung-won talks with a priest over the phone about scheduling an interview, and says that he’s still in the process of convincing his mom. version : 'v2.2' // use version 2.2 And then to have that one moment of outburst blow up on ya..on top of all the financial worries.. especially when he was the one who's always lecturing JW to act nice around the patients and guardians..poor JH. // Load the SDK asynchronously Mystic Pop-Up Bar Episode 4 Dramacool . So it was not based on one occasion only and she truly did not impress him professionally. Yeah, Jae Hak is suffering because his personnal problem but JWan doesn't have to explain everything neither. Jong Won may not be lying to Gyuwoel with regards to his plans - there seem to be some kind of misunderstanding that the drama is hiding from us, and will be revealed later when it is decided that he cares for her after all. More than the workload (which I’m sure was still a contributing factor), Min-ha’s complaints stemmed from a lack of acknowledgement from her superiors—particularly from Seok-hyung. It’s frustrating that no one calls her out for it, but in the end, Eun-won’s actions are only causing her more harm. The man went to work after his wife's funeral for god's sake. Who would've thunked. She tells him that she has plans and a car with a man pulls up to her. There are a lot of hints that point out to Ikjun as Songhwa's partner. I agree. Initially was thinking JW had feelings for SH but I am super glad that they are two platonic friends with grey chemistry and a shared desire to annihilate any food within reachable radius. sed diam nonummy nibh euismod tincidunt ut laoreet dolore magna. This is demonstrated when he advises Song-Hwa on her patient’s situation in Ep 2. At a café, Rosa meets with Jong-soo and asks if he’s been to the hospital. It was heart warming to see how they all cheered about his hopeful prognosis. Right off the bat, Eun-won acts apologetic, telling a professor that she’ll fulfill her duties, but then asks Min-ha to take over her night shift (again, since Min-ha covered for her during her absence which she didn’t even thank her for) in front of people which forces her colleague to agree unless she wants to look like a jerk. ?♥️ He made a good call moving the worried patient and family to a room where they could interact and seek comfort from people going through similar struggles. Just look at how his perception was conjured on Shyeong's dad. He absolutely could have let her know that he's not interested in her romantically while also being clear and gentle about it. Like, How?? Re: Jong soo, dollars to donuts, his career took him away from parts of the family dynamic for long clips at a time. It’s also nice to see a variety of older side characters who don’t necessarily have everything figured out, either. Open an episode with the Winter ❤ Garden. Your email address will not be published. Also, this show is such a tease. // Load the SDK asynchronously appId : '127538621120543', Seok-hyung makes his rounds sans Eun-won who disappeared after a patient died. It is so great to see that and know that the work place is actually alright. I wanted her to physically leave OB just for a little while so Seok Hyung could actually feel her absence. In the neurosurgeon residents’ office, the residents express their worries over Jae-hak since he was scammed out of his deposit by his real estate agent. Though Eun-won may act sly, everyone sees through her act, so while Min-ha might have to work extra hard for now, at least she’ll reap the fruits of her actions in the future. These Korean on Netflix and we glad to say that this your site is Asian website for Asian dramas and Korean tv series, Hospital Playlist Episode 8 English SUB. Hahaha! Bad things happen in life from illness to family troubles, and it can feel like the world is crumbling around you. Kyeo-Wool is such a strong, capable, honest, grown-up woman. I missed U-ju and the twins this episode. I don't know what it is exactly. A verification email has been sent to your new email address. He lets his doctors speak freely—letting Joon-wan call him out for not investigating Dr. Chun further—and shows respect to everyone, even in tense situations. If he didn’t want to start anything with her he should straight out rejected her right there and then instead of lying. GW, fighting. So, he did the next most polite thing that can be done here. They even showed him liking her in the past. atOptions = { It felt like she lost a part of her fun personality alongside her bright makeup. Meanwhile, in the PICU, Jae-hak jerks awake when the monitor beeps, and he calls Joon-wan for help. The director was absolutely right about Dr Chin and how he can never be in a leadership role and that is why the director asked Joon won to take it on because the man has all the qualities and more to be the chief of the department and more. Kkondae Intern Episode 4 Dramacool . He might have an inkling, but he is not the type to jump the gun. And this is what I love about this writer-PD team, they give the side characters time to shine and tell their story. I'm so grateful that these people are so REAL. And Jwon still maintains that perception about the dad. At the bank, Jung-won offers the bank teller some advice on good posture while picking up his matured savings account (nicknamed, “Mom’s 70th Birthday Trip”).