Just research Oleocanthal and prepare to be blown away. OH MY GOSH! I have been trying to keep up with the good/bad brand lists for awhile. are you meaning FRESH olives? Same here, since I am allergic to soy, our family of ten have been only buying extra virgin olive oil to avoid soy, so I am pretty upset because we have been using it on a daily basis. (Yes, a zillion articles online will tell you not to fry with EVOO because you lose the polyphenols in the process, but that’s to put the cart before the horse: those polyphenols are protecting you from nasties. I do not trust them one iota. Lisa Di Lorenzo I was using a brand of olive oil that was on this list and they said that the test is to put it into the refrigerator and, if it is the real deal, it will turn solid. They also make lots of flavored vinegars that make excellent dressing when mixed with their olive oil. We thank you for the trust and confidence that you have shown us through the years. I’d love a great bottle of olive oil but honestly I just don’t want to go through the trauma of purchasing an oil which again will turn out poorly. Here’s a project for you…take a look at this map re vegetable consumption in the world… then go to the WHO and map out incidences of different types of diseases to see if you find any correlations. Who would have thought! So what am I to purchase for my family? The avg life expectancy in the village and in our family is 90 years and continues to increase. I am Cardiac RN for 22 years. Can olive oil (President’s Choice “New World EVOO, first cold pressed from estate grown olives”; product of Chile and Gold Medal winner at the 2013 L’Orciolo d’Oro competition in Italy) have a strong peppery taste? We have been in the Olive Oil business for over 5 Generations and it sickens me that the large enterprises, among many other food companies are consistently frauding consumers. Am I at least correct to state,.. we are to avoid anything “light or virgin”, that it must be extra-virgin??? Also, you’re right, it is the healthiest diet as attested to by the medical community and nutritionists. Arbosana and Arbequina olives are known for less phenols and more mild to taste. IF THERE’S NO CERTIFICATION FROM THE PLACES SHE RECOMMENDED WOULDN’T YOU OUT TWO AND TO TOGETHER? It literally was bitter. (olive oil or extra virgin is not protected or defined, it can be anything) First google and print smokepoint chart that shows smokepoint in olive oil vs Free Fatty Acid (FFA). All numbers (objective data) regarding FilippoBerio met standards. I was wondering if the extra virgin olive oil is real Medeiros 100 percent extra virgin oilive oil I purchased it from Save a lot Market it suppose to be from Spain. I’ll have to keep my eye out now. No certification of any kind. I also used black seed oil for my diet. I had no idea! Cute little vid. You must know how to find the good stuff! You should also know that the olive oil industry trade association, the North American Olive Oil Association, contacted the author of this false blog to raise the above concerns, yet the author stated she had “no interest” in issuing a correction. We even use your EVOO to help with untaggling hair and moisturizer in the bath! Have some “style” when doing things or making decision. First, it is important that you know that the basis for these accusations is a report that was issued five years ago in 2010 by the University of California Davis Olive Center. Calm down and consider that it is not this lady’s job to constantly update this post and provide free research for those who aren’t willing to get off their backsides & to do it on their own. The best strategy is to find a local seller and go visit him/her, check out the factory and making sure they have the trees, press it there and bottle it there and you are good. The USDA is in the pockets of the food industry. I use avocado oil and it turns out great everytimr! Hate to break it to you, but “cold pressed” or “first cold pressed” labels are usually just lip service. Thanks. Rape seed oil (Canola oil) is widely used in thousands of processed foods…with the blessings of our own government. would be involved? The reason “light” oil may be heated higher is because the oils it’s being cut with have higher smoking points. The oil that has no smell or flavor? That was the most informative comment I have ever read. Thanks. store, and as pointed out in the article, that likely extends to the oils themselves. This concept applies everywhere in daily life. That UC Davis report was exposed long ago as bias. The only way is to buy and try. It’s healthier to fry with extra-virgin olive oil, because its higher content of monounsaturated fatty acids and (if you buy a robust oil) polyphenols reduce the production of toxic peroxidation products and carcinogens. I bought it because it was made in the US….but now not sure. Toxic and way too high in omega 6. Hillary wants to know how Trump could lose a billion dollars in his own money in a casino business…. And I wonder how much you would need for 1 quart of oil, probably a huge amount of olives. Here’s how to spot the real stuff. at least it is not gmo,….. we use butter mostly, and up till now, Olive oil for sautees, which now is a no-no too. I was at a famous “Food Market” and had something at the hot bar….looking at the food with the yellow oil I had presumed it was melted butter. http://shop.californiaoliveranch.com/. World's Best Olive Oils (WBOO) is a non profit organization, with the objective to build the ranking of the world's best extra virgin olive oils from the results of the strictest international competitions. Canola oil is NEVER a choice if one wants to prevent an early painful death. But bad oil is bad oil even when it’s fresh. That is very subjective because it involves actual people testing oil and telling as what does taste as virgin and what does not.. Mama Natural I found out later that it was Canola oil, (after I had become ill) I am extremely sensitive to MSG and artificial sweetener. With many farmers markets and Amazon now allowing direct distribution of olive oil, it takes from the risk of forking over lots of dough for authentic olive oil. It only means that the whole study is worsless because it was sponsored by a company which oil was tested. As noted, in any case, if the oil fails the sensory test, it fails. My question is why is the brand on the bad list if it is marked with these stamps?