The price for a juvenile Golden Pheasant could go as high as $225. The female Golden Pheasants may not be as attractive as the males, but their characteristic brown color allows them to blend effortlessly with their environment. It's likely similar habitat changes (not least forestry management and planting trends) have played a similar role. They also make a loud, crowing call which attracts females. However, they burst into flight at a fantastic speed when suddenly threatened. As of yet, no such study has been afforded to Golden Pheasant. Shelters of the same design with those of range breeding should be provided, alongside branches of a bushy tree. Read on to learn about the Pheasant. Question 7 – How Much Does a Golden Pheasant Cost? Although humans have bred Golden Pheasants for like ever, we’ve not been able to domesticate them completely. 6. First of all, the breathtaking Golden Pheasant has a rather specific native habitat range. Golden Pheasant Birds feed on leaves, grain, and invertebrate they pick from the ground. Looking for Pheasant Hunting Habitat Throughout Its Range. The golden pheasant habitat is dense forests and woodlands and also sparse undergrowth. Reproduction. Apart from the need of having a large space to keep them as pets, it costs a lot to buy these birds. Human Interaction and Domestication Behavior, The Lifespan and Common Diseases of Golden Pheasant Bird, Housing Requirements for Golden Pheasants. In fact, records as early as 1740 suggest this pheasant was the first species of pheasant brought to North America. They are among the most common pheasant species heavily secured due to their beautiful and hardy nature. For aviaries, there has to be lots of bushes and brush vegetation because Golden Pheasants love to hide in such vegetation due to their secretive nature. These birds are popular as game … Question 5 – How Long Do Golden Pheasant Eggs Take to Hatch? Buildings roofed with skillion roofs are recommended. Green pasture is not a necessity, as that doesn’t make up the core diet of the birds. Where Do Golden Pheasant Live? The male golden pheasant bird has a rusty tan face, chin, throat, and neck sides. The Golden Pheasant Birds are quick to fly upwards at an incredible speed when startled. Affiliate Disclaimer is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for sites to earn advertising fees by advertising and linking to The males are the biggest and adults can grow between 90 and 105 centimeters (35–41 inches) in length.. The birds survive in these habitats by feeding on leaves, grain, and invertebrate they pick from the ground. The natural habitat of the golden pheasant is mountainous and forested areas along with shrubland. At six weeks, the pheasants’ diet should be 20% protein feed. Dominant males will display their colourful feathers to the female. They are commonly referred to as American gold eagle, Chinese Pheasants, or golden eagle, chiefly due to the golden-yellow color of the … The colorful bird, called as golden pheasant exhibits an absolute balance of colors, beauty and nature. The most suitable habitats for the Golden Pheasants are dark, fresh coniferous forests with some undergrowth. The particular housing requirements for Golden Pheasants ultimately depends on the size of housing operation, the type, and size of land, and the kind of market the birds are reared for. They spend their nights roosting in trees. This consists of the richly covered mountain forests located in western China, in Asia. It has a characteristic brown color, with a buff face. The young birds grow wing-feathers for a flight around 12 to 14 days after hatching. Habitat of the Golden Pheasant. The Golden Pheasant Birds belong to the order of Galliformes, and family of Phasianidae. The Golden pheasant is a small game bird native to the forests of western China, but naturalized populations exist throughout the world. Always ensure you inspect the pheasant chicks as often as possible, especially during the nights. From the camaraderie of walking through a field with a group of other hunters to the thrilling cackle and rise of a big rooster, pheasant hunting sure can be addicting. As a result of this, humans have kept them as pets for several centuries.