The only time I’ll choose a bowl over a cone for ice cream is when you’re talking about an edible bowl, like these homemade Sugar Cookie Ice Cream Bowls. Although I have a large collection of pretty ice cream bowls, there is just something about the flavor and texture of an ice cream cone that makes ice cream an even better treat than usual. If you want to make it into more of a scoop-able ice cream, then it just needs to spend a few hours hanging out in your freezer. I could eat a whole entire batch of this, but it’s best enjoyed with friends, right? All that gets poured into the ice cream maker which you let run from 20-25 minutes (I did the full 25). Who can pass up bits of cookie dough mixed into this smooth and sweet ice cream will have everyone screaming for more! If you think there's nothing as delicious as cookie dough ice cream, wait until you try the homemade version. Grab a spoon and dig into this ice cream on a hot summer day! Cookie Dough Ice Cream is the best homemade ice cream recipe ever! How to Make Cookie Dough Ice Cream. At that point you have the most delicious vanilla soft serve.