If she has custody in the state she resides, then it will be hard to get normal visitation or custody if you live in another state. This is a warrant for her arrest where the sheriff’s office will pick her up and bring her to court in front of the judge to answer why she has refused to show up. Can you help answer something? Many police officers have told me this isnt kidnapping because we have joint legal custody but I haven’t seen my son in over two months and this is the longest we have ever been apart , there has to be a line somewhere. Mother still has not seen her children or heard back from the counselor or legal counsel. He got a dui last weekend with my kids in the car and the police called me to pick them up from the police station. i have a concern my son has a 2and 1/2 yr old son that lives with his mother . Because of the numerous factors, we can’t get into the specifics here, but a Petition for Grandparents Rights needs to be filed with court. My son deserves a better father figure and i feel i deserve freedom from his father. You just need to continue to point out to the judge that big items are being violated in the court order – specifically, that your ex is not doing what the judge said to do (this is what judges hate – when people do not do what they say to do). You need to file an emergency petition to suspend parenting time / visitation immediately. This is known as termination of parental rights. On the one hand, you might have a parent that is trying to protect their child and ensure they get enough rest, etc., when they are ill. On the other hand, we sometimes see parents using “illness” as an excuse to continuously deny parenting time or visitation. I can tell you as a father that many of the claims against men are not true. My daughter called me two years ago and said she made it to mediation, she was early and she was going to wait in the car to avoid seeing the kids dad. Now 17 years later she hit him with back child support, they won’t even take into consideration that she disappeared with the child and the won’t accept the thousands of dollars we sent as payment of child support. Counselor said “looks like you don’t need me” This caused dad to withhold the kids again. But court systems also do not understand that each situation can be a bit different. He lives 8 hours away as I left the state we were living in, back in sep 2016 he also has 4 other kids by another woman that she has to constantly fight to get child support she and me had a lot of problems till I left my ex and now were on ok terms… My ex has threatened bodily harm to me and I tried to get a restraini g order but when I couldnt find an address for him it lapsed everybody hid him until it was too late… He is 52 and a violent ex con I’m 26 with no record never been in trouble and have raised my daughter by myself until coming back to family.. 1. My question to you is this: being that he does not want anything to do with these kids, why would you want to force your children to be around such a despicable human being? So many women are leaching off of the system that they take out more in the form of benefits than they are paying in. You need an expert child custody attorney to do this, and it might be time to explore if who you have already been talking to is good enough in this situation. My son was questioned in a room with a doctor whom I never saw and a case worker who later was fired due to false statements made on her behalf.the 2 months later, the courts granted my ex custody of my son. I don’tw ant to send her there is he has warrants for his arrest. This is a difficult situation. When we went to court it was brought up that he didn’t mention her and now said that he didn’t think he could but wants to have her too. You have made some very good moves thus far though, because the recourse that you should be seeking should be to either modify the custody order for his visitation interference. One item that I believe is important to include (and some states actually mandate for a parenting plan to be compete), is a provision regarding what to do when a child is ill. My ex is using this to assassinate my character and present a problem that really isn’t there to my son. I know of other heartbreaking ones, differing only in detail. I had a child with a woman who also lived here. So it’s no hope. Well this sounds like a very difficult situation, especially since you two are in different states. My ex girlfriend lives in one state and I am in another. They are staying in a motel. Some of the reasons why a custodial parent may withhold visitation from the other parent include: No matter what the situation may be, there is no good or lawful reason to withhold visitation from the non-custodial parent.