For instance, maybe you don’t want to get married ever, maybe you never want children, maybe you want both, perhaps you never want to be tied to just one person. Choosing to slow-walk the relationship a bit can also be a sign that they are testing the waters, says Winter. Then, say something like, “I mean, neither of us are seeing anyone else, so that kinda makes us a ‘thing’ right?”, By using these casual terms, you open the doors for a firm conversation. Rock the boat if you want to move past this problem. You’ve said it, you’ve got it off your chest. For some, the term ‘dating’ gives them safety. Which means a union, being seen as a couple, and not having the same level of independence as before. Do you know that you are a priority in their life? Visit INSIDER's homepage for more stories. All rights reserved. Get the very best of LovePanky straight to your inbox! What does it all mean?! If you’re in this type of situation and you’re not entirely happy with it, figure out what the blockage is. From there, make your own personal decision, based on the things you want and need in your own life. Every union and relationship is totally different, it’s important to always make sure that you’re happy with where you’re at. "Are they honoring you? By the time the exclusivity comes around, e.g. These are the signs that there might not be a serious relationship with this person in your future. The R word basically means me and them. spending time together. If you’re dating exclusively but not in a relationship, it’s vital that you’re satisfied within that grey area. It’s not a serious relationship at this point but a relationship all the same. The problem comes when one person wishes for more, and not getting it out of fear of rocking the boat. "Your partner may be putting you through a short testing period, just to make sure you don’t morph into a control freak or crazy [person]," says Winter. They’re already there! [Read: How to tell a special someone you’re in love with them], The whole thing is a contradiction. What I really wanted was something in-between; I wanted the Goldilocks set-up of being exclusive, but not in an official relationship. © 2020 Privacy Policy | Terms of Service | About Us | Write for Us | Contact Us, 10 signs of true love that will make you believe, Dating vs. Okay, so dating in itself is casual. there is no one else in the equation, you’ve already stated an intention that you only want to spend time with that person. There is also the very large chance that you will get everything you dreamed of. How to move from dating exclusively but not in a relationship, to relationship territory. The reason that some people are dating exclusively but not in a relationship per se is because one of them has a true fear of commitment. Relax," says Winter. Reproduction without explicit permission is prohibited. Probably one likes the other more, and they aren’t sleeping with or dating anyone else, but one *or maybe both* refuses to label it a real relationship. Relationship: 14 signs to know your real status, 19 signs you’re in an exclusive relationship even if you don’t realize it, 20 signs you’re wasting time in a one sided relationship, All the clear signs both of you are ready for a relationship, How to tell a special someone you’re in love with them, How to make the DTR conversation easy and unawkward, How to Make Him Realize Your Worth & See That You Deserve Better, How to Spot Codependent Behavior Early & Regain Your Self-Identity, Exclusively Dating or Casual Fling: 14 Signs to Know Your Status, Just Stop Trying!