In Destiny 2's 2.8.0 massive update for Season of the Worthy, auto rifles took up the least amount of text but may have had the most impactful changes out of all the balance updates. Especially in PVE. Destiny 2 is nerfing Mountaintop and 600 RPM auto rifles, and removing 150 RPM hand cannons By Austin Wood 23 October 2020 There will only be three types of hand cannons going forward If you buy something we may get a small commission at no extra cost to you. It is also contained in Imperial Engrams from Benedict 99-40. An Auto Rifle is a class of primary weapons featured in Destiny. All-purpose weapons, auto rifles are magazine-fed weapons that, as their name suggests, automatically removes the spent cartridge case, cocks the rifle, loads a new cartridge, and fires again repeatedly as long as the trigger is held down, or until the magazine is exhausted. Contents. To make the Sweet Business viable you need to practice preemptive spinning around corners, or whenever it seems like you’ll need to mow down enemies soon. It has a Rapid-Fire Frame that gives it deep magazines and a short reload time, so you’ll experience little downtime while raining destruction upon your enemies. 1 General Information. Good range, stability, and reload speed combine with great handling to make for a… Available from the Iron Banner, The Forward Path can roll with special perks themed to that mode, but only Iron Gaze is worth using. Kill Clip and Tap the Trigger make it a menace in Crucible, and Multikill Clip works wonders in PVE. How To Get: This Legendary Energy Auto Rifle can be found in Legendary Engrams from all sources. It also has access to Demolitionist, which regenerates grenade power with each kill. In contrast with most Auto Rifles, the Gnawing Hunger deals Void damage. The Fundamentals gives this weapon the unique ability to cycle between Solar, Arc, and Void damage, which makes it the Victorinox Multi-tool of Auto Rifles. Its exotic perk provides some extra survivability in shootouts, and it’s even better with its catalyst installed. These weapons are hugely powerful picks across any kind of activity, to the extent that they’ve crowded out SMGs and pulse rifles. Category:Destiny 2 Exotic Auto Rifles - Destiny Wiki - Destiny, Bungie, Activision, Fallen, Cabal, Hive, and more! That’s incredible by itself. Get everything done and you’ll get this amazing gun as your reward. Let us know in the comments. Jump to: navigation, search. But it’s further complemented by Volatile Light, which makes this gun’s rounds over-penetrate, ricochet off hard surfaces, and receive no damage drop from firing at long distances. If you want to take it to the next level, some great traits you can work towards getting are the Corkscrew Rifling Barrel for some more range and stability. This auto rifle is about getting as many shots into your enemies as possible in the shortest amount of time. We’ll update this post alongside most major Destiny 2 updates to add and remove any contenders for best available auto rifles. 2.1 Exotic; 2.2 Legendary; 2.3 Rare; 2.4 Uncommon; 2.5 Common; ... Auto Rifles by Rarity Exotic. It may also be bought from Xûr. So it’s ideal for raids and strikes with a lot of purple shield-toting enemies. God, this thing is an absolute beast. With the rise of auto rifles in Destiny 2’s PvP, a surprising weapon that most people have forgotten about is rising in popularity. She has never played a video game in her life. You can also get it from Powerful Engrams by fulfilling weekly milestones. As of Season 9 it has returned, and it’s better than ever. Only available from Trials of Osiris, The Summoner boasts good range, reload speed, and stability, as well as fantastic handling. Fun content on everything pop culture. The Auto Rifle in Destiny 2 has had some ups and downs. This Legendary Kinetic Auto Rifle is all about landing easy precise shots at a distance thanks to its solid range and Adaptive Frame, which makes the gun easier to handle in general. This Legendary Energy Auto Rifle is an Adaptive Frame weapon with nice handling and manageable recoil, which can be further improved by traits like Arrowhead Brake. Especially since it’s not too hard to get, and it packs a powerful punch. Not only does it have a wonderful Mass Effect-like aesthetic bound to draw in fans of BioWare’s space epic, but it’s capable of splitting enemies precisely in half thanks to excellent handling and stability.