Like this page and share it with friends. Some Icons are differently crafted and that's how most people recognize apps. Click Start, type in "cmd" (no quotes); wait for "CMD.EXE" or "Command Prompt" to appear in the list, then right click it and select "Run as administrator". Dennis holds a Bachelors degree in Everything. Everything was working fine for a few days until I installed MS Office. I'm using Windows 10. Here's What to Do, Scammed by Right PC Experts? User. Nevertheless, the most reasonable solution for missing or blank icons on Windows 10 would be to reset icon cache. ". While it is not something major that will affect the functioning of your Windows 10 OS or any app that you are using, it can still be frustrating, especially when you want to launch an app or open a folder from your desktop. please email me with your question Last updated on 16 Jul, 2019 Explained: If I Reset Windows 10 will it Remove Malware? If you have downloaded an icon pack from the web, you can browse to the folder and select that instead of going with the default options which are not so great, to be frank. How to: Reset Any Password: Windows Vista, 7, 8, 10, How to: Use a Firewall to Block Full Screen Ads on Android, Explained: Absolute Best way to Limit Data on Android, Explained: Difference Between Dark Web, Deep Net, Darknet and More. The SFC scan will scan for corrupt system files and try to repair it. Next, go to the middle of the administrative command prompt you opened, then right click in the middle of the window. This thread is locked. A C.A. Replied on September 8, 2015. I have corrected this with my own script below. He used to build WordPress websites but gave it all up to develop little iOS games instead. Type this command to navigate to the directory where the icon cache is saved. It helped some users. - Explained, How to Prevent Ransomware in 2018 - 10 Steps, How to Fix: Computer / Network Infected with Ransomware (10 Steps), How to Fix: Your Computer is Infected, Call This Number (Scam), Scammed by Informatico Experts? Icons are there to help us recognize an app and distinguish between different shortcuts and folders, so we can click on the one we need without wasting too much time reading the text instead. Right-click on the Windows taskbar and choose “Task Manager” from the shortcut menu. That is a strange error. The easiest way to do it is by using the free Winaero Tweaker utility. Can you please help! As such, a "move" command should be used instead of a "del" command in the script, followed by a reboot. Under the Shortcut tab, click on Change Icon to begin. Several users have reported that uninstalling Google Drive from their computer helped resolve the issue. Press the windows key + r to bring up the run menu and type %appdata% and press ok. 2. One is that all programs must be closed in order to successfully clear the cache. Explained: Difference Between VPN Server and VPN (Service), Forgot Password? Right click over the above highlighted text, then select "Copy" from the dialogue menu. You can also check for updates manually. Here's What to Do. Alternatively, click Browse to choose a downloaded icon. Since this error is related to app icons, I would recommend updating apps to see if that resolves the missing or blank icons error. Try uninstalling the app and then reinstalling it from the Windows Store. Here's What to Do, Scammed by PC / Web Network Experts? contact form. Go to Library - Games. They make life simpler and help companies create brands. The DISM command will service the Windows image and repair irregularities with the system files. all the messages I receive (depending on the volume), but I'll do my best. Select the item for which you are not seeing the icon and click on Change Icon here to replace it. You will need to press Enter on the keyboard to have the system reboot. How can I fix the blank desktop icons in Windows 10? Explained: Do I need a VPN? Find Microsoft Office Desktop Apps in the app list, select it and click on Advanced options . Start from the beginning. Right-click on “Windows Explorer” in the list and choose “End task” from the shortcut menu. First, try manually changing the blank icons on the desktop by right-clicking their software shortcuts and selecting Properties. You should now see an output that should look like this. have a computer question - or even a computer problem that needs fixing - If you like the advice you received on this page, please up-vote / Windows App Desktop Shortcut Icons Blank in Software and Apps. Click Fix , wait for about one minute and then restart your device. This video will show you how to rebuild the item cache in Windows 10 and fix blank white icons on the desktop that have become corrupted. Marcy also reported "access denied" when attempting to delete some of the icon cache files. Dennis can be reached via Live chat online this site using the Zopim Chat Press Ctrl+C to copy and right-click in Command Prompt to paste.