This is the basic difference between religion and philosophy. Difference between Caste and Religion. Hence, it can be said that religion and philosophy are mutually exclusive and they cannot co-exist. Customs - Some cultures can or can't have specific foods and drinks, or may have rules about how food is prepared. Then I propose that religious groups are cultures, because they have all of the defining features of cultures (such as beliefs and values). While caste has a social purpose for the present structures and lifestyles of cultures, religion’s purpose is more often related to the future and aimed at a lifestyle in coherence with a deity’s example. Within religions, different sects may interpret religious teachings on this subject in varying ways, and individual women and their partners may choose to ignore religious teachings. Images Courtesy: God the Father via Wikicommons (Public Domain) Related posts: Difference Between East and West Difference Between Religion and Spirituality Difference Between Christianity and Hinduism Difference Between Religion … Religious practices - Some religions require time during work each day for prayer or time off for special religious days. This is an article about culture and religion. So what is the difference between culture and tradition? It refers to everything from clothing to language, art, rituals and beliefs. Culture is, therefore, a combination of thoughts, feelings, attitudes, and beliefs shared by those of the same racial, ethnic, religious, or other social group. Religion is a specific system of belief and/or worship, often involving a code of ethics and philosophy.. Connotations. First, I discuss how social psychologists usually teach culture in their Social Psychology classes, focusing on east-west differences in individualism and collectivism. Cult is a small and relatively new religious group that is not part of a larger and more accepted religion, with socially deviant or unique beliefs and practices.. As a whole, culture is conclusive for human evolution as a society and not based on genetics alone. Religion and caste are different in the main form of systems and purpose. Results: Religious and cultural factors have the potential to influence the acceptance and use of contraception by couples from different religious backgrounds in very distinct ways. Religion, on the other hand, is considered a process of revelation and contains the concept of the "faithful" who receive the message of revelation. Religion and culture: difference and similarity. Culture permits the "self-conscious evaluati … Reflections on the differences between religion and culture Clin Cornerstone. 2004;6(1):25-33. doi: 10.1016/s1098-3597(04)90004-x. Culture consists of an entire body of knowledge that dictates human behavior in a specific space. Cult is often associated with pejorative and negative connotations. We have explored elements of religion and culture and offered various brief examples from an individual, national and international perspective. Many of these groups we are born into (such as racial and ethnic groups) and others we choose (such as religious or political groups). Difference Between Cult and Religion Definition.