The architect’s fee for a structural engineering schematic costs $500 and up depending on the project. The average national cost to hire a structural engineer is about $500, but you may pay as little as $320 or as much as $685. Therefore, you should always consult a professional structural engineer to ensure the removal will not put your home’s structural integrity at risk. They charge between $100 and $200 per hour. If you are certain the partition is not load-bearing, you can demo it yourself, but may still require the help of professional tradespeople to move service lines. Has a list of several references you can call. A structural engineer can look at the loads transferred and determine the root of the trouble. You should consult a licensed, experienced engineer for any job concerning the structure of your home, including building a … Although, you can save money by doing prep work, some demolition, and refinishing work yourself. As such, they command a respectable amount of money for their services. You can hire individual contractors to move each service or you can hire a general contractor to coordinate the entire project. The cost to install countertops on a half-wall is $25 to $100 per square foot, depending on the material and labor costs. In most cases, removing a wall requires the knowledge of an expert. Homeowners visit to find a top-rated pro to complete their home improvement project or repair. For your safety, local laws require you to hire a certified contractor and structural engineer to remove a load-bearing wall. When you remove a load-bearing-wall, the weight shifts to other areas in the foundation and can cause severe damage. How Much Does it Cost to Install a Window? Replacing a long basement support beam plus removing more than one basement load-bearing wall costs $20,000 and up. If you are considering removing a load-bearing wall or if you are unsure as to whether a wall is load-bearing, a structural engineer can assist with this. Rewiring light switches, outlets, fixtures, and junction boxes are required even if there's no visible outlets or switches in the wall being removed. Extra costs may apply for texturing, painting, refinishing, baseboards, and flooring. Removing a load-bearing wall costs $4,000 to $10,000 for a single-story house, and between $9,000 and $15,000 for a multi-story home. New drywall installation costs $1.60 to $2.35 per square foot to patch the exposed areas after the wall is removed. Even though you are only removing a portion of the wall, you should still consult a pro to ensure it’s done properly. Exact costs depend on the project. Increases your resale value and appeals more to modern buyers. Cost of Structural Engineer Inspection. *Prices for demolition only. Taking out a load-bearing wall requires replacing it with a beam, and sometimes additional posts or columns beneath it. Additional costs apply for permits, inspections, demolishing the old wall, and refinishing. For additional soundproofing, you can order “ICF” beams, or insulated concrete forms with insulation foam hiding the steel rebar frame and concrete inside it. DIY wall removal for a non-load-bearing wall costs $100 to $500 on average for labor and materials. Looking for a wall removal contractors near you? Once their projects are completed, the members log in to their accounts and complete a short cost survey. Wall removal projects require various experts such as structural engineers, architects, remodeling contractors, plumbers, and electricians. Price factors include the type you choose, as well as the structural complexity of the job. All exterior walls bear the roof’s weight plus a central wall in the bungalow holds up the roof’s ridge. Support beams come from either laminated veneer lumber (LVL), a product that combines multiple layers of thin wood with adhesives, or steel. For multi-level homes, expect to pay between $3,200 and $10,000. Licensed contractors will create construction plans and apply for permits to meet building regulations. Cost of Structural Engineer For Load-Bearing Wall The cost to hire a structural engineer for a load-bearing wall analysis is $300 to $1,000 , depending on the complexity of the project. All external walls are load-bearing. Total cost will depend on project complexity. Hire a structural engineer to evaluate the structure to be sure. Hire a wall removal professional near you. You cannot remove a load-bearing wall without installing an alternative support structure in its place. Low: $300. Contractors charge $15 to $20 per linear foot to move and reinstall basic wall cabinets to another wall in your home. ), Show me more information about my location. However, completing the projects at the same time can help save money on site fees and overhead. Get free estimates from wall removal contractors near you or view our cost guide below. The task described is not specific enough, Show me more context of what's included in the cost, Show me more cost per measure (ex: per sq.ft., per hour, etc. Their training alone is worth hundreds of thousands of dollars. As a result, exterior walls are rarely removed. Since none of the materials from a removed wall can be used to build a new one, moving a wall is not really an option. Also, hire a licensed contractor instead of a handyman to ensure they pull the right permits and perform the work to the highest standards. A two-story load-bearing wall costs more to remove because they require bigger and stronger beams to support the greater weight loads of the second floor and roof on each wall and post. However, you should never attempt to remove a bearing structure yourself. Millions of people ask HomeGuide for cost estimates every year. Structural engineers can assist plumbers in determining the most cost-effective designs for rerouting, and help locate main water lines to avoid accidental damage during demolition. Your opinion matters! What kind of material is your wall made of? Total costs depend on how many utility lines are inside the wall, whether or not the wall is load-bearing, and how large the opening to the living room will be. A structural engineer, either hired by you or on staff with your general contractor, will perform the calculations and make additional recommendations when necessary, like larger footings for support columns. The total cost to open up a wall in your house depends on five main things: Hiring a structural engineer is required to calculate the type and size of beam needed, and the load the beam must support. It comes from spruce, hemlock, pine, fir, and cedar trees. Even load-bearing walls can be removed with the right knowledge and execution. If contractors need to open up additional walls to reroute utilities, the extra drywall removal costs $40 to $200 per wall. Removing a two-story load-bearing wall costs between $9,000 and $15,000 on average. Prices depend on the width of the opening, whether there are walls below or above the floor, if additional concrete footings or piers are needed for support, and if you have to open up the ceiling to double or triple up joists to carry the new load. Before working as a structural engineer, you must first obtain a license to become a professional. 6 years ago . Plan the project with the help of a general additions and remodeling contractor. Prices are for demo only. Because they have settled with the home since its construction, removing this support structure could damage the home in ways an interior one would not. In most projects, utility lines are running through the wall. Prices depend on the wall size, rerouting utility lines, and if extra support is required. Don't expect to hire a structural engineer for a small amount. Do I need a structural engineer? Ask a wall removal pro. Installing cabinets cost $100 to $300 per linear foot when creating a kitchen pass-through between rooms. Ceilings, trim, and specific features will cost extra. Benefits to tearing down an internal wall include: The average cost to remove a load-bearing wall in a single-story home is $4,000 to $10,000 with finishing costs. Receive quotes from multiple pros that meet your exact needs. Cost to install drywall to cover up parts of the wall exposed by the removal is about $1.50 per square foot, or $40 to $60 per 8-foot x 4-foot sheet.