ID: 47: Clear Liquid Reagent: Recipe Alchemy Skill level: Beginner 1 – Crafting Materials - Wild Grass - Sunrise Herb - Salt - Purified Water – Crafting Result - Clear Liquid Reagent: NOTE: In the Black Desert the craft is heavily affected by your skill level. Can use ONE weed instead of 1 wild grass (At least at level Apprentice, I could use also 1 weed with Beginner lvl 9 (didn't try on lower, because I thought only Wild Grass works >_,, Just made with 1 weed on brand new character, 1x Erva Daninha 8 comments. purified water : 1 piece, 1x Erva Daninha 1x Weeds or Wild Grass Clear Liquid Reagent - Crafting/Processing. salt 1 piece дикая трава или 1 сорняк Clear-Advantage is a specific fraction of petrochemical derivatives that creates a safer xylene substitute for processing, staining and coverslipping. календула 1 шт Perfume Of Swiftness +200 weight limit, +20% life EXP, +5 movement speed, +5 gathering speed, +5 fishing speed for 20 min. соль 1 шт Knowledge: - Clear Liquid Reagent. 2 Clear Liquid Reagent; Whale Tendon Potion: 1 Blue Whale Tendon: 3 HP Potion (Medium) 3 MP Potion (Medium) 8 Purified Water: Wise Man's Blood: 1 Monk's Branch: 1 Trace Of Ascension: 1 Clear Liquid Reagent: 2 Blood 3: Worker's Elixir: 1 Sinner's Blood: 6 Silver Azalea: 4 Ash Sap: 2 Powder of Flame: Recipes Shown: 77 Show ALL. Alchemical Ingredients: Salt x1 + Sunrise Herb x1 + Purified Water x1 + Wild Grass x1. ClearLLab Reagents are the first 5-color panels to receive US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) clearance (via the De Novo Process) for L&L flow cytometric immunophenotyping in the clinical lab. I do it ince apprentice 1 [now professional 8], wild grass / weeds: 1 piece You are not logged in! 1x Pile of Sunrise Herbs report . share. Question. 1x Erva Aurora sunrise herb : 1 piece Piece of Image . 2 Clear Liquid Reagent4 Purified Water6 Bloody Tree Knot3 Trace Of Violence1 Blue Whale Oil. This thread is archived. Clear Liquid Reagent: 0.10 LT: 0.25 LT: 0.05: Alluvial Gold: 0.10 LT: 0.01 LT: 0.2: Crude Crystal Fragment: 0.10 LT: 0.02 LT: 0.2: Shimmering Powder: 0.10 LT: 0.02 LT: 0.2: Faded Metal Shard: 0.10 LT: 0.02 LT: 0.2: Half Hardened Liquid: 0.10 LT: 0.02 LT: 0.18: Weakened Reagent: 0.10 LT: 0.02 LT: Inventory Weight: LT: Ingredients Weight: 1.46 LT: 1.46 LT: Total Yield Weight: 0.35 LT: 0.35 LT 1x Erva Aurora Clear Liquid Reagent - Crafting/Processing. 1x Sal Used in crafting Forest Path Wagon. Knowledge: Clear liquid Reagent is one of the most basic alchemical compounds. 1x Água Purificada, Alternative recipe, works at Beginner1: ClearLLab 10C System. Clear Liquid Reagent is one of the most basic alchemical compounds. 1x Sal Log in to be able to post the comments, upload screenshots, subscribe to the pages, add information into the database and more! Anyone figure out the Clear Liquid Reagent event crates? 1x Salt; 1x Purified Water; 1x Sunrise Herb; 1x Wild Grass or 1-5 Weeds (the amount of Weeds you need depends on your Alchemy skill but generally 1 will do, change to 3 or 5 if you fail the recipe). 1x Salt. save. 1x DISTILLED Water 2 Clear Liquid Reagent4 Purified Water4 Powder Of Time6 Everlasting Herb1 Blue Whale Oil. Was expecting a quest after reset but don't see one and still cant use imperial alchemy in the processing tab to make crates with clear liquid Reagent.....anyone got it figured out or is it bugged? Buy price: 4,000. и вода очищенная 1 шт, Translated this using google translate xD, wild grass or weed 1 and purified water 1 piece, Учтите что Дикие травы это большое количество взаимозаменяемых трав.. 87% Upvoted. Дикие травы, (btw as bddatabase say, enough 1 of all material for 100% success). 1x Água Purificada. This mixture of Purified Water and vegetable ingredients is a fine solvent so it is widely used as a basic ingredient for medicines and elixirs. sunrise herb 1 piece Мы обнаружели старый аккаунт с таким же мылом. There are several types of xylene substitutes in the market today including both standard hydrocarbon and citrus limonene types that contain overpowering odors. hide. *For Non-Hodgkin’s lymphoma only. Clear Liquid Reagent is made with the following ingredients. Sunrise Herb can be gathered from Cron Castle node east of Heidel by workers. salt : 1 piece This mixture of Purified Water and vegetable ingredients is a fine solvent so it is widely used as a basic ingredient for medicines and elixirs. EHC® Liquid ISCR reagent is a concentrated, buffered, microemulsion of a controlled-release, food-grade carbon, nutrients, and iron designed for on-site dilution with cold water. The recipe for Clear Liquid Reagent is: 1x Purified water 1x Sunrise Herb 1x Salt 1x Wild Grass or Weed