All genuine claber parts Claber Colibri Lawn Irrigation Installation Video Ideal for those who are embarking on their first irrigation project. Claber 130 - 200m sq DIY Lawn Watering Kit £378.00 Buy Now. Next. Claber Colibrì Pop … Get instant recommendations Review & Up & Up & Up & … : Claber Colibri 180 Degree Micro-Sprinkler : Garden & Outdoor ... Water up to 20 plants with this kit 4.2 out of 5 stars 2,163. This kit is suitable for covering lawn areas up to 130m. $29.85. This is one of the easiest and most effective kits … A starter kit for an underground watering system for 50 m2 garden, complete with Colibri System micro-sprinklers. Additional micro-sprinklers and Colibri … Claber 50 - 130m sq DIY Lawn Watering Kit £294.00 Buy Now. Claber Starter Kit Colibri (50 metre) £103.03 Buy Now. A big Claber success, in line with the developments in gardening, living areas and lifestyles.