Add the patties and fry for 3 minutes on both sides until lightly golden and heated through. Heat a little oil in a frying pan . Easy Toddler Meal: Chickpea Patties - SavvyMom. 2.3k. Whiz until roughly chopped. Chickpeas Patties using Kabuli Chana or Garbanzo beans are incredibly nutritious snack peek time food for the baby, toddler, kids, well for adults too. Saved by SavvyMom. Once cool add to a processor along with the remaining ingredients. These unbelievably tasty kid-friendly vegetable patties make healthy kids snack after school or on weekends. They look delicious to me, and I'm life-hardened and shit. Easy Toddler Meals Kids Meals Toddler Food Toddler Recipes Toddler Menu Baby Food Recipes Snack Recipes Cooking Recipes Chickpea Patties. Spoon into a bowl. Addition of Sprouted Sathu Mavu Health Mix just brings in more happiness to a parent checking his/her baby or kid eat this with ease these Nutrition filled Tasty Patties. Chickpea Veggie Patties – vegan, nut-free and protein-rich round patties made with colourful vegetables, chickpeas, blend of spices and herbs. Shape into 10 patties and coat in flour. I'd say these are not toddler exclusive. Chill for 30 minutes.