In general, increasing the strength of a steel grade reduces its ductility. ksi [Mpa] / Range Min. % ASTM A27 / A27M ASTM A27, Grade N-1 0.25 0.75 0.80 0.06 0.05 N/A N/A N/A N/A Carbon Steel 1/4 THRU 1 ½ 33,000 36,000 Low‐Carbon Steel 1⁄4 thru 4 −− −− SAE J429 Grade 2 Low‐ or Medium‐ Carbon Steel 1⁄4 thru 3⁄4 Over 3⁄4 thru 1 ½ 55,000 33,000 57,000 36,000 74,000 60,000 No Grade Mark SAE J429 Grade 4 Studs Medium‐ Carbon Cold‐ Drawn Steel 1⁄4 thru 1 … The first two digits of the four-numeral series of the various grades of carbon steel and their meanings are as follows: 10xx Nonresulphurized carbon steel grades 11xx Resulphurized carbon steel grades 12xx Rephosphorized and resulphurized carbon steel grades I5xx Nonresulphurized high manganese carbon steels. For each reduction of 0.01% below the specified carbon maximum, an increase of 0.06% manganese above the specified maximum will be permitted up to a maximum of 1.50% grades X42 – X52, 1.65% above X52 – X70. Cast Steel Grades ASTM Chemical Requirements Tensile Requirements STEEL GRADE Carbon Manganese Silicon Sulfur Phosphorus Tensile Strength Yield Point Elongation in 2 in. The mechanical properties are depending on the tempering temperature level. While most designers think in terms of the material’s strength, most of the production of steel is in the lower strength grades, which have good ductility. Carbon contents are typically Carbon steel grades as well as martensitic stainless steel grades are quenched and tempered (QT), gaining a tempered martensitic structure. Others refer to the specification. Carbon Steel Forgings for Piping Applications Dimensions ASME B16.5 Product Face Bore Class Weld Neck, Slip-on, Blind Flanges. Low tempering temperatures result in high For each reduction of 0.01% below the specified carbon maximum, an increase of 0.06% manganese above the Carbon content and heat treatment influence strength and ductility; shown in Figure 1. Plain, Raised Face Pipe Schedule 150, 300, 400, 600, 900, 1500, 2500 (to 600mm only) Grade Carbon Steel Specification AS 2129 Flanges for Pipes, Valves and Fittings Dimensions AS 2129 Reduction of Area Max % / Range Min. STANDARD ALLOY STEELS DEFINITION. Steel GradesSAE 4140 Chemical information,Mechanical properties Physical properties, Mechanical properties, Heat treatment, and Micro structure This page is mainly introduced the SAE 4140 Datasheet, including chemical