These metal items become a part of your fibula and are not removed. Thank you for your reply. Registered number: 10004395 Registered office: Fulford Grange, Micklefield Lane, Rawdon, Leeds, LS19 6BA. However, in most cases involving a broken fibula, it will take at least twice that amount of time, if not longer. Typical fractures heal in anywhere from 4-8 weeks, sometimes longer depending on … I'm sorry you are going through this! If you sustain a complete break, you will need to wear a medical boot for at least two months to help stabilize and protect the leg. What To Do After A Car Accident [Checklist]. Registered in England and Wales. Most of my swelling is gone. Attempting to rush the process against your doctor’s advice will only result in furthering your recovery time. Sorry to read below your leg got kicked, they really should have been more careful as I think that is unnecessary but am sure t was accidental. I too had surgery and am 12 weeks post surgery but been walking the boot for a few weeks so similar but different to Kim. I’m at 9 weeks now so The point I’m at now is 4 weeks since I started weight bearing. I make sure I put my brace on if I leave the house or when I’m doing bigger stuff at home like chores. Bone heals in an awkward position. Best of luck in your recovery. as being in breach of those terms. Many athletes break their fibula, although it can happen from slipping, stepping into a hole, or many other common issues. I find it a struggle as a sole carer to 2 four year olds but I definitely don't want to risk further damage. 7 users are following. At 5 weeks when you started to put weight on your ankle, did you experience any pain. Patients have the greatest opportunity to experience a quick, complete, and healthy recovery when they are able to connect with one of the Atlanta Orthopedic Doctors at AICA Orthopedics soon after an accident occurs. We want the forums to be a useful resource for our users but it is important to remember that the forums are I have just replied to your other post. The chances of prolonging the recovery process, experiencing a relapse, or developing particular impairments as a result of not healing properly increases without immediate attention. Contact AICA Orthopedics To Recover From A Broken Fibula. It’s important that you understand how to help your fibula heal and what you should avoid to prevent further damage or necessary healing time. Did You Know These Facts About Orthopedic Care After a Car Accident? My next appointment is in a week and I expect to be turned loose for the final stage of walking with nothing on my ankle and working on getting the rest of that mobility in my ankle back. It’s gradual. Our clinical information is certified to meet NHS England's Information Standard.Read more. Yes it hurt if I tried too much. not moderated or reviewed by doctors and so you should not rely on opinions or advice given by other users in I would experiment often to see where my pain level was and little by little I could add more and more weight until I was walking full weight. I pulled the crutches back out for support and began gradually adding weight to my ankle in just the brace and this went much quicker but it kept me in control and allowed me to follow my doctors orders of not letting it hurt. Showering, oh my gosh what a nightmare, I've never been so dirty in my life, haha. IMPORTANT COVID-19 UPDATE : Yoga techniques that can be performed while seated or lying down, Swimming routines that provide cardio support without exposing your body to impact, Free weights that focus on strengthening back, chest, and arm muscles, Floor workouts that focus on supporting the core muscles. My doctors instructions were to go gradually and to let my pain be my guide. Thanks for your reply. Is It Normal to Feel Worse After Seeing a Chiropractor? Most fractures of the fibula do not have any serious complications. Because of this and unlike other types of injuries and conditions, a broken fibula usually requires six weeks to three months before patients are able to return to their normal routine. It might just be a surgery related thing but I was recommended to get a sock /tubigrip type thing to wear inside the boot and it helped me but as I say might be surgery related. fractured distal fibula, 4 weeks in jkdowns1. When you get the boot you then also get the joy of physio.