But, I myself have horrible arthritis and my rheumatologist tells me Epsom salts are proven to pull fluid from swollen joints. Keep on being sorta frustrated a little irritated. Too much of anything is not good for the soil. I also use it especially for Azaleas, Brunfelsias, Camellias, Ferns, My neighbour next door uses it to feed her Gardenia The leaves are yellow. Works great. Thank you so much for this column, and the clear, patient replies to all the comments. You can use and acidifying fertilizer, which will have ammonium salts. - All You Have To Know, How To Mix Neem Oil For Plants? Keep Epsom salts out of reach of children and pets. Mine, at the age of 8 were the same size as his. FORTUNATELY HER NEIGHBOUR HAD SEEN WHAT HAPPENED AND CALLED HER TO HER HOME. My mother was a “master gardener” whom I’ve seen bring dry sticks to life, and lover of ES. Fruit trees and vegetables bare more abundantly and any plant which bears flowers, flowers far, far better. Roses are absolutely dependent on the stuff – you must put it in the planting hole every time. I know a ” scientific ” medical doctor who swears by it for his tomatoes. I’m genuinely trying to follow this! Epsom salt does not contain calcium (source: North Dakota State University). I daresay you’ve kept me from making some serious mistakes concerning use of Epsom Salts. Yes, there seem to be good, relevant reasons for using Epsom salts for plants. Just use some sulfur. (He taught me something I did not know and that is to take cuttings of tomato plants, put them in a cup with some water and in a few days they have developed roots. Sort of. NOTHING AS GOOD AS EPSOM SALTS IN THE HOLE WHEN TRANSPLANTING TREES OR SHRUBS EVEN IN THE SUMMER. There is no clear evidence that any disease is controlled by Epsom salt. “Better things for better living through chemistry.” (I was a chem major in college who went into computer communications; my chemistry is now limited to CaCl2 in the winter and Chemical Warfare against weeds in the summer!) When someone says “xxx is not scientifically proven” I would rather they say “I have researched and not found any peer reviewed papers …” I have alkaline soil so the comment is very useful. I must say in my younger days our college advised amateurs, Solanum the house plant called winter cherry was very popular and always seemed to be losing its leaves to magnesium deficiency. 10 Best Plants For Indoor Garden. https://puyallup.wsu.edu/wp-content/uploads/sites/403/2015/03/epsom-salts.pdf – article, https://puyallup.wsu.edu/lcs/reference-epsom-salts/ – references to above article, “The solution in this case is to either reduce the phosphorus level – hard to do quickly, or increase the nitrogen level.”. But who needs science when you can just bathe in it and see how you feel. I find Epsom Salt contains a little portion of arsenic. Can you please explain how the nitrogen would help correct this. Humm, Hi Robert! Sadly I live in Tucson, Az. We work at converting one person at a time. - 5 ReasonsHow Far Should LED Grow Lights Be … I’ll have to do some more digging to clarify this and If I get any good answers, I’ll let you know. So, I would be reluctant to give them to my plants, but just bought 20 lbs of Epsom for my bath…. The symptoms of excess magnesium “Excess magnesium has induced some toxicity symptoms like development of coppery color along the marginal veins at the initial stage. Eggshells Control Slugs – Do They Really Work? The rest of the comment was not useful. Extremely sound as ever Robert. Scented or colored Epsom salt crystals mixed fully into soil can burn the plant’s roots and cause damage to the plant. However, in using a troubleshooter I found online, I am told that the plants are deficient in Magnesium, so I am thinking about giving Epsom Salt a try, just wondering if there could be any issues to consider.