100% grass fed lamb meat. Whole and half lamb boxes are available in season, in September and October, Mutton in September and October (and sometimes in May) and Hogget in May. Butterflied Boneless Leg of Lamb sold out, See how lamb at Royer Farm Fresh is raised, Royer Farm Fresh Beef, Lamb & Pork © 2020. “Just to say the lamb we had from you is sooo tasty, we had melt in your mouth leg the other week, divine. The lamb was the best I have ever had!” DP, Kent“Oh what lovely lamb chops, really tender. The slow approach extends to the hanging of the carcases for 14 days which further enhances the flavour and tenderness. One fully butchered lamb takes up about one and a half shelves in an average upright freezer and will be cut to your requirements. Have a wonderful variety of delicious lamb at your fingertips with the purchase of a half lamb. Established in 2001. Whole and half lamb boxes are available in season, in September and October, Mutton in September and October (and sometimes in May) and Hogget in May. We encourage customers to reserve their lamb, hogget and mutton boxes early as demand always outstrips supply. What sort of cuts will I get? KC, Leicestershire, “We’re absolutely delighted with the hogget. Dressed Fresh: Call for prices: Pre-order only. But the main reason for choosing and then keeping faith with these breeds is that they all taste exceptional. Many thanks to you and Andrew.” CM, DerbyshireMOST delicious lamb I have EVER tasted.” GB, Devon“I would like to try a quarter pork box seeing as I have just run out of your lamb! Our hogget is available in May so if you fancy trying some do ask us to put you on our hogget mailing list – it is usually reserved a year in advance by everyone who tries it. Please put me down for a whole hogget box next year” PH, Bath, “The mutton looks lovely and the colour of it is amazing.” MP, Cornwall“Just wanted to let you know the mutton is delicious!” SA, Basingstoke“The mutton has a fantastic depth of colour to the meat – thank you!”. Wholesale pricing and unbeatable quality - order today! Custom cuts are available for an additional $25 fee (choose custom option and add note on cuts desired). Chops for tea today, I think..yum. We cooked a leg yesterday and were blown away with the taste and the tenderness although her indoors is claiming some of the credit as she did the cooking”. beef & lamb for sale city & state other contact : Vitality Farms : farm by appt : 100% grass fed Devon beef (no antibiotics/hormones) cuts/qtr/hlf/whole (2mi off Rt49) Bridgeton: NJ 856-297-8336 : Beaver Brook Ranch : farm by appt : Dry Aged 100% grass-fed beef (custom-cut 1/4, 1/8 shares) 35mi free delivery (Warren co.) Hope: NJ Buy lamb meat near me | Order lamb Online |Baby Lamb Roast Recipe | Fresh lamb Meat Online | Whole lamb for sale | Whole lamb Spit| Whole Lamb Online By eating rare breed meat you are supporting the breed by ensuring it has a firm footing in the food chain and this is the best way to ensure their long term survival; rare breeds become rare because they are not being eaten and therefore not being bred. Just email us your special requests if you are interested in a wider custom cutting selection. If you prefer you can purchase our produce via the Dean Forest Food Hub – the food hub is an online shop with collection points throughout the Forest of Dean. !”“By the way, and needless to say as I am re-ordering, the lamb was absolutely delicious!” MD, Exeter.“The lamb is gorgeous. We may use a lawnmower now, but we are honored to continue raising wholesome, natural meats like the generations before us. A lamb that dresses at 50 lbs. Hogget is leaner than lamb and older, between one and two years, so has a slightly larger carcase. Fresh whole and half lamb, tender and flavourful. Skip to Product Results. Smoked boneless chicken, cooked beef and tongue corned beef and tongue, roast beef. 2 rack chops (4 chops per pack) or 1 whole rack. 3 boneless stew meat (1lb package) or 1 whole shoulder roast. PH, Exeter“Enjoyed a delicious roast dinner at home on Remembrance Sunday – the leg of lamb was absolutely superb. You will receive 20-30 pounds of lamb that will fit in one brown grocery sack. GN, Wiltshire“I just unpacked my box of hogget and it looks so delicious that I am now thinking of getting a second lamb in the autumn.” AH, London“Just to let you know the hogget came this afternoon. And don’t forget that special occasion . We sell our 100% pasture fed, slow grown, pure Welsh Mountain Badger Face, Whiteface Dartmoor and Herdwick lamb, hogget and mutton that produces medium sized delicious carcases direct to you, the customer. Please note there is a £10 surcharge for delivery to the Highlands. will usually yield between 35- 40 lbs. Ready cut and bagged for home freezing. We have the best lamb in the region! Badger Face lamb is exquisitely sweet, flavourful meat; the meat of Whiteface Dartmoors has been called angel meat because of its taste; the Herdwick takes a little longer to mature and excels in produces deeply flavoursome hogget. Thanks again.” PH, Kent“Well we had the leg of lamb tonight. I have not tasted lamb so good since my late uncle had a farm in Ireland in the sixties and seventies and eighties. Please let us know if you are interested in mutton and we will put you on the mailing list for this flavoursome meat. $30.45 each ($8.23/lb) Add to list. A whole lamb costs you around $10.90 per pound of take-home meat. I will always remember the lovely taste from that day and your lambs taste beautiful and are well cared for in their lifetime,” JP, Maidstone“Lamb all looks fabulous, the butcher has done a really good job”. We therefore don’t charge for offal, but include it when possible.We try and accommodate any other butchery requirements you may have. Dressed Fresh: Call for prices: 20-40lbs. As the demand grows for this fabulous meat each year, we increase the numbers of lambs that we grow on as hogget and the flavour is astonishing; deeper and more mature, whilst maintaining its lamb-like tenderness. Half Lamb/Goat Standard Cut List: 4 leg steaks (0.75lb each) or 1 whole leg roast. Available for the season. A standard whole lamb includes: 2 Racks of Lamb 12 Lamb Loin chops (3 pkgs of 4 chops) 4 Leg shanks 2 Leg roasts 2 Shoulder roast 3-4 lbs ground. We encourage customers to reserve their lamb, hogget and mutton boxes early as demand always outstrips supply. lt was served slightly pink and melting in your mouth… wonderful!!! Looks great – we have a house guest this weekend so will make it a special occasion with a leg on the BBQ” AR, Liverpool“Nice thick chump chops (always the best bit) and a glass of decent Beaujolais – sensational! Thanks again yours..”. Email Nikki about getting a spot on the wait list for potential spring 2021 delivery. A whole lamb provides 40-60 pounds of lamb and fits in... Serious lamb lovers this option is for you. In September and October we have mutton available, although it sells out fast. 3.7 lbs. Where to buy a whole lamb: Farming Express Deliver Fresh Premium Lamb Quality Meat to your door. A WHOLE lamb or goat will yield approximately 34 pounds of meat cuts once it has been custom cut & packaged. BUY DIRECT. Back in the 1800’s on the same farmstead where we still live today, Nikki’s great-great grandfather used sheep to trim his yard. A whole lamb provides 40-60 pounds of lamb and fits in two brown grocery sacks and will be $360-560. Serious lamb lovers this option is for you. Weight range 34- 36 lbs. As my husband was cutting it up he tried some, he exclaimed it was the best lamb he had ever tasted, not remarks he makes, I also thought it was the best.” MP, Cornwall“We have been rationing the lamb very carefully, but this week saw us grilling the loin chops from our half lamb box. Contrary to popular belief, with long, slow cooking we have never found it to be anything other than tender. DeBragga features American-raised lamb. Contact us about making pick up arrangements at our on-farm store or delivery points in Terre Haute and the Indianapolis area. We believe it was the best we’ve had – ever! McIntyre Meats and The Wensleydale Butcher, believes passionately in the link between a healthy landscape, provenance and the highest quality meat. Whole Lamb Sales: Prices: 41-60lbs. A local (two miles from the farm) health-inspected, family-owned butcher shop, Paxton Custom Meats, cuts and wraps all the lamb by hand. In addition, the sheep can grow naturally without hormones or routine antibiotic use. We are happy to adjust the cut list to your needs as long as it reflects the use of the whole animal. The lamb is dry-aged at least 6 days to maximize tenderness and flavor. ES, London, Copyright © Debbie Kingsley, all rights reservedTerms and Conditions | Privacy Policy, We have had unprecedented interest in our meat boxes - no further availability until 2021. Try our #1-3 packages of chops, leg of lamb and ground lamb. Try to call at least a week ahead to reserve a lamb, 757-547-2161. Cuts that can be included with your order: up to four shanks, shoulder (chops, roasts and/or stew meat), rack of lamb as four 4-rib racks or two 8-rib racks, twelve-sixteen loin chops, lamb sirloin (chops, roast and/or kabob meat), 2 whole legs of lamb or 4 split legs, and ten-fourteen pounds of ground lamb/lamb sausage.