The beech wood is stable, elastic, very tough and heavy. February 2019 Beechwood is a very solid wood that can even surpass oak. Beechwood is available in different types and qualities on the market. At all times, people have sought to maintain harmony with nature and maintain the health of their families. In addition, the wood also occurs in North America and Northeast Asia and is of importance there for the local timber industry. Then the beech furniture? Easy to maintain . What are the advantages and disadvantages of beech furniture? When lumber is grouped like this, it's been graded for structural performance. Advantages of beech wood furniture are: 1, hard materials, textures, the structure is fine; 2, wear-resistant and shiny when dry no distortion; 3, processing, finishing, gluing is better. For most wood suppliers, there are woodcuts in different quality levels, there are also differences in the form of processing, and these factors contribute a great deal to the price formation. Address:Linyi city of shandong province Lanshan District Fangcheng town Guoxingzhuangg, Hello!Welcome to YiRan Trade Co., Ltd of Linyi city, Briefly beech furniture little common sense, How to store the finishing of beech veneer. One of the hardest wood species, maple is often chosen for heavy-use items, like dressers and kitchen cabinets. One …, In times of climate change, deliberate waste disposal and recycling are among the most important issues. Cracks: Cracks can easily get appeared on Beech Wood. It generally is less dense than hardwood. Grows slowly. Advantages of Beech wood in the furniture manufacturing industry. Beechwood is a very important raw material for the local wood industry. Advantages of hardwood. The color can be beautiful. Solid wood furniture is only a general, we all know, as long as the plant is made of wood furniture can be referred to as solid wood furniture, but not all of the species can be used to make furniture. Beech wood is also used as a material for veneers and stairs in interior design. Difficult to cut. The disadvantage of beech wood furniture is: The beech trunk wood comes directly from the wood industry and moves priced approximately between 65 and 85 euros per crop solid, the wood has a particularly high quality, the price can also increase to 110 euros per harvest solid meter. Disadvantages of hardwood. If one looks more closely at the prices for steamed lumber, one can say that prices are between 500 and 750 euros per m³. Advantages and disadvantages of beech stairs. Pros: It's a very strong and stable wood that can take intricate carving. Being light and soft, it is perfect for model building. The trees go easily up to 80 to 100 meters in height, with an unmistakably smooth bark that’s silver-grey in color. Furthermore, you will learn here, where you can inquire about the current recommended prices and what else is there to pay attention. It is a good insulator and is therefore used in refrigerators and cold storage rooms. Disadvantages: - It is not suitable for permanent outdoor use because it is not durable when exposed to changes in moisture. It is lighter than cork and thus ideal for life preservers and lifebelts. Pros: Maple is affordable and ultra-durable. Soft Wood for Carving . However, this statement is very general and prices vary considerably depending on the region and the supplier. Advantages of balsa wood. Weather resistant, the wood is not unprotected. Saville Furniture Woodworking machinery cuts birch with ease, but because of interlocked patterns -- grain that turns at 90-degrees -- it has a moderate blunting effect on blades. The quality of the wood, degree of drying, age etc. By the way, a flap is a tongue-shaped grain. Advantages/Pros There are many Pros of using beechwood furniture and some among them are as follows: Hard: The Beechwood Furniture product is very rigid and strong as compared to any other wood furniture product. Advantages: -Beech is ver hard and tough. Expensive. Differences in pricing play a decisive role here. But even with the limitations of beech wood for beach furniture, you will find that cabinets made of beech drawers, beds or other furniture can be a great addition to any room. The advantages of the advantages and disadvantages of beech beech furniture furniture: The advantages of beech furniture of a beech wood, good wood, beautiful. Softwood is the wood produced from trees that have needles or cones instead of leaves. It comes at very low affordable price-point and other low cast hardwoods. Shock Resistance: The Beechwood is shock absorbent and that is why it is used in high-traffic and hard floors as well. Balsa wood is lightweight, soft and highly buoyant. Beech shape quite eye-catching, wood color and soft, rich colors, wood texture is quite uniform, not only in is be used in making furniture, also used to other buildings or equipment. It can be heavy because it is so dense and may be difficult to work. Wood varnish doesn't cover the grain of the wood furniture. Company website: /