If you follow the steps outlined below, your banjo is sure to produce a clear, clean tone. fret) at 1/8th inch. Using a small file, the string grooves in the banjo nut can be deepened to allow the strings to ride closer to the banjo neck. The Nut: If the string buzzes with the string played open but not fretted, you may have to work with the nut. Begin by taking accurate measurements of the fret height on your banjo neck. The clearance(4th string) on my Aria beater banjo is about 3/64". For tenors & plectrums of course, it'll be the distance between the 1st and 4th string. The string action height on a banjo is measured at the twelfth fret. Nechville makes the Remove the resonator to see which type of adjustment is on the banjo. For a five string banjo that means the distance between the 1st and 5th string. Work some of the lead into the slot and then put the string back in. To loosen binding of string: lubricate the slot by pulling the string out and using a #2 lead pencil. Too-high string clearance at the nut will cause … These bars or rods have several functions. The strings should be above the fret about 1/8 of an inch. string action, and you either have strings laying on the frets or more likely, the action is way too high. Tune as follows:– 1st string D, 2nd string B, 3rd string G, 4th string D, 5th string G The different types of banjos can have different numbers of strings, tunings, scale lengths, and ways to attach to the tailpiece. First, they hold the neck to the rim or pot. It is best to have a little more height in the center of the bridge for the best playability and the least string noise. I know banjo players like to experiment with their instruments. 7. I have the ex-Bill Bowen flush-fret banjo (with neck built by Fred Van Eps on an SS Stewart Thoroughbred pot), and have the string height (measured from the top of the fret to the centre of the string at the 12th. There are dedicated string sets for the specific type of banjo you are using (5 string, tenor, plectrum, 6 string, banjo uke, etc.). 2.3 mm is just a hair low for a Stelling set up (3.175mm at the 12th fret), but that’s subject to personal taste. Install the correct height and weight bridge for the banjo. For 5 strings the standard spacing is 42 mm and Crowe spacing works out to 44 mm. Re: Vintage banjo string height/action - what’s too high? about 7/64" at the 12th fret, using an 11/16" bridge. Step #1 - TUNE YOUR BANJO Use an electronic tuner to get exactly the right note. Once measured, arrange a set of feeler gauges to this height and then add another very thin feeler gauge to the top of the stack. Reverand hit all the same points and tips I was going to suggest very well.