Guitar Repair. repair a broken banjo, turn a 4/6 string banjo into a 5 string or even make your own banjohand-made in uk using only the finest quality materials. All work is guaranteed. Neck Building + Repair + Setup - order today with StewMAX FREE Shipping! Glueing the broken heel on this banjo neck is the easy part. Specializes in banjo repair, setup, upgrades, and restoration. for sale is this,rare,antique,banjo. Frank and Ricky Neat's Neat Banjos: Expert-Crafted, Hand Made, Custom Banjos from Central Kentucky USA 24 November 2015. VINTAGE BANJO PARTS (used) NECK BRACE . How do I fix a broken tailpiece? Gerry Hayes. Click the contact link above to get a quote for any acoustic instrument repair. : I'll apologize up front for not documenting all the processes in this project to my normal level of detail but I think you'll get the idea of how I did things from what I did document. Reasonable prices and fast turnaround. It has a pleasant "old-time" peghead shape which can be modified by some judicious sanding to make a variety of interesting profiles. Relatively easy to replace, damage to finish involved often more difficult to repair… The neck has pulled forward as a result of the high tension of eight strings tuned to pitch. This is a 1920's Gibson trapdoor tenor banjo for which Tommy did a 5-string neck conversion. View fullsize. Antique Banjo Restoration. Tommy George and Christian Stanfield offer a full line of repair services. Please see our COVID-19 Statement: Black Friday Sale! This can be easily replaced. The neck is fully shaped and has been stained and french polished here in … Complex repair that could require top removal. VINTAGE BANJO PARTS (used) NECK BRACE. Strengthening A Repaired Banjo Neck. Guitar Repair. Baldwin Reproduction. Fretless mahogany 5-string banjo neck. A friend from work brought me a 140 year old George Dobson banj… What do I do about damaged edging? There’s a loose neck/body join? Strengthening A Repaired Banjo Neck. In fact, the neck has moved so far that the cantilevered fingerboard touches the head. This old mandolin banjo has a familar problem. Gerry Hayes. 24 November 2015. This is a nicely made finished fretless banjo neck. Here is a Baldwin reproduction neck that Tommy made for an old rim. Gerry Hayes. Glueing the heel. Product Instructions I-1811 Banjo can also be shipped to me for repairs or restoration. Save on Over 900 Items ... How to use the Top Deflection Gauge for neck resetting and saddle routing, banjo head tensioning, and assessing and adjusting neck relief. Guitar Repair. I do this type of work.