Kathiyawadi Dhaba Style Sev Tameta Shaak + Bajra No Rotlo, Creative Commons with Attribution Required. Couldn’t resist myself and slurped it down with a plate of rice in a handsome quantity with Dal fry. The baby eggplants are first fried in mustard oil and then cooked in a spicy tart tamarind … Add water and mix one final time. I got to eat some of the best ever tasted food that day. Cook for 5 mins. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. It consists of curry with the base of onion and tomato. Accept Read More. Add cumin seeds, ginger-garlic paste, peanut powder. Best dhaba style baigan bharta. Enter your email address and name below to be the first to know. This recipe is suitable for both lunch and dinner. Thank you so much for trying out my recipe and liking it so much. Hyderabad too has its own version. Usually, this baingan masala recipe also has desiccated coconut in the curry base. Privacy Policy | Terms of Use | Security Policy, This website uses cookies to improve your experience. Add curd and mix well. Recipes here are a reflection of me, my roots, who I was, who I am and who I will be as I evolve with the foods I discover, embrace and make them my own. Serve hot with tandoori roti, rice, dal fry and onion & green chillies. Thanks for the encouragement . Food served in Dhabas is wholesome and full of rustic flavour. BRINJAL IN SPICY ONION MASALA / VANAKAYA ULLI KARAM BY KUSUM UMASHANKAR INGREDIENTS Small brinjals 1/2 kg (cut into 4 pieces lengthwise) 3 big onions 5 – 6 cloves of garlic smaLl piece of ginger 1 teaspoon jeera 1 teaspoon dhania powder 2 – 3 green chillies salt 1/2 tsp red chilly Fantastic recipe. Heat oil in a pan. Welcome to my Kitchen Corner on the Internet! Now add roughly chopped onions and fry them all together til the onions turns pink and translucent. the oil will separate. Once all the brinjals are sauteed remove them from the pan. For videos, as long as you are not downloading them and uploading as yours, you are fine to share them. Cooking is the way I express my creative side to the world. Add sliced green chillies and the spices (dhania powder, haldi powder and red chilli powder) and fry them all together. Baingan masala is ready. Serve hot for lunch and dinner. One of them was Baigan ka bharta with Methi leaves. Over there, the recipe consists of the gravy that comes from coconut, peanuts, and sesame seeds. the dish was spicy and hot yet the smoky flavors were incorporated perfectly without over shadowing each other. In this one year, I made atleast 20 times this recipe. Ye, one large size baigan is enough for this recipe and it’s servings. Baingan masala or eggplant masala is a popular eggplant recipe in the North region of India. Cashew nuts paste or curd is also an option to add for making this gravy. Baingan Masala Dhaba Style / Brinjal Masala. Food served in Dhabas is wholesome and full of rustic flavour. Saute them all for 5 mins. They served a huge variety of veg and non veg cuisines. The use of tomato in this curry will provide very nice tanginess in the recipe. Hi Randhir, i’m so to happy to read this. Aah! But we are not going to use the coconut in here. … The taste still lingers on my tongue and just a single thought of that food make me drool even today. This blog is a collection of good food and fond memories that remind me of my mum's home cooked food, those that transport me to distant moments of childhood or shared happy times with loved ones, friends and family. Add chopped onion, red chili powder, turmeric powder, garam masala powder, coriander powder, salt. Myself Shaheen and I am an IndianMuslim. Fry the bharta again for few minutes so that the methi leafs gets cooked properly. Right-click on an image to show up a menu, choose "Save image as". Cooking is the way I express my creative side to the world. u guessed it right , it was a Punjabi Dhaba. Peel the roasted baigan and chopped/mash the roasted tomatoes and keep aside. Tag @tastedrecipescom on Instagram and hashtag it with #tastedrecipes. u guessed it right , it was a Punjabi Dhaba. You can then save it. The use of roasted tomatoes and whole garlic were a  Bliss!!!!! Let’s proceed towards the recipe of Dhaba Style Baigan Bharta with Torn Methi Leafs …. And the presence of peanut in it will give it a good nutty flavor. All web browsers have a similar option, but with slightly different lingo. Making it this way will significantly change the taste and flavor of the curry. You are here: Home » Recipes » Main Course » Baingan Masala Dhaba Style | Brinjal Masala. Now add freshly chopped coriander, mix well, and cook for a minute. Dhaba's are famous for dishing out some of the most mouth watering, lip smacking, finger licking good Indian dishes. Heat mustard oil in a wok and add mustard seeds and hing. My family love this dish. Few months back on a road trip i got to stop at a dhaba where the food is served on big brass thali (plates) and drinks – water, lassi, milk (of several varieties), or tea, as well as shorbas (soups) – are served in a 12-inch-long brass glass.Yes! Different regions of India also have their own versions of this recipe. Now place sauteed brinjals in the pan. It is enjoyable with everything you have. Get link; Facebook; Twitter; Pinterest; Email; Other … Make 2 vertical cuts to the brinjal. Let's stay updated! But it is also fine if you do not want to add that. Once the masala is fried well, add mashed brinjal/baigan and roughly mashed tomatoes into it and mix well.