We get amaranth flour very easily here in Gurgaon. Rotties were fantastic but now problem I cannot find amaranth flour in Toronto which is certified gluten free do u guys suggest any alternative of amaranth flour.Although many Indian stores r close to my place but I m Geri much afraid of any contaminations in it. Ingredients: Below shown quantity of ingredients make 6 roti of the shown size. […] If we skip the potato then the recipe is very much suitable for diabetics. Amaranth flour/rajgiri atta – 2 cups So in the night I made rotis from the dough. Potato Starch Made by dehydrating a slurry of water and peeled potatoes, potato starch provides structure, along with tenderness and binding power. Aloo roti, also called aloo puri or aloo paratha, another type of stuffed roti enjoyed in Trinidad, other parts of the Caribbean and the world. Apart from these rajgira pooris, you can consider making Kuttu ka paratha, Kuttu poori, Singhare ke atte ki poori and Vrat ke chawal ka pulao for Navratri fasting. Other starches include tapioca starch and arrowroot. Ingredients 2 cups jowar flour/amaranth flour 1 cup steamed, unpeeled, mashed potatoes 1 tsp ginger and chili paste sea salt as per taste Method Mix all the ingredients in a big bowl and bind it together with hot water in a tight dough. You can also check this compiled collection of Navratri fasting recipes. Potato flour is different from potato starch as it is made from cooked unpeeled potatoes and has a strong potato flavour. With the same dough, you can even make rotis or parathas.I had made pooris for lunch and they were heavy. Roll out into thin roti and need flour to roll if required. A simple yet savory and well seasoned filling made with boiled and mashed potatoes, garlic, bandhania, cilantro or scallion is stuffed inside a dough. Hi ladies thanks a lot Ivhe tried ur receive of gluten free chapati without adding potatoes and used tapioca starch instead of corn. 7. I have also added sago/sabudana flour & 1 big potato in this roti recipe to get that stickiness.