Also, using digital marketing can help you measure your reach as there are various web analytics tools available on the internet. Unlike TV or print advertising, it allows, in … Advantages of Branding in Marketing Management Creates Wide Awareness. When it comes to the main advantage of digital marketing, it is that a targeted audience can be reached in a cost-effective and measurable way. Advantages and disadvantages of digital marketing are very necessary information for today’s modern world. Nowadays social media affects us in all the aspects of our life. Advantages and Disadvantages of Digital Marketing. Lower cost. Branding helps the business in creating wide awareness regarding its products or services among the public. You don’t have to spend lakhs of money here like the traditional marketing … Keep in mind that the advantages outweigh the drawbacks and you can always seek professional assistance when you are developing the marketing … The marketing plan offers numerous advantages; however, as you can see, there can be drawbacks. Advantages and disadvantages of digital marketing: Digital Marketing serves businesses of all sizes by giving entry to the combined market at an affordable price. As mentioned in previous article, Digital Marketing … One of the major advantages of Digital Marketing is its lower cost. Other digital marketing advantages … It is cost-friendly and very easy to learn.