The joint ACM/IEEE-CS Computer Science Curricula 2013 Steering Committee (CS2013), have released a Draft Final Report (October 2013). Computer Science Curricula 2013: Curriculum Guidelines for Undergraduate Degree Programs in Computer Science. June 30, 2017 . … Adding computer science as a separate school subject to the core K-6 curriculum is a complex issue with educational challenges. The CS2013 task force will seek input from a diverse The question of "scienceness" of computing has always been complicated because of the strong presence of science, mathematics, and engineering in the roots and practice of the field. To review the Joint ACM and IEEE/CS Computer Science volume of Computing Curricula 2001 and the accompanying interim review CS 2008, and develop a revised and enhanced version for the year 2013 that will match the latest developments in the discipline and have lasting impact. found in computer science, statistics and mathematics o erings should be redesigned for the Data Science major for the sake of e ciency and of the potential synergy that integrated courses would o er. 29–34. The Computer Science curriculum is The task force will seek to define what the computing contributions are to this new field and provide guidance for undergraduate data science programs … This ACM Data Science report builds on the Park City work with a heavy orientation toward computer science. ACM. Marshall, L.: A comparison of the core aspects of the ACM/IEEE Computer Science Curriculum 2013 Strawman report with the specified core of CC2001 and CS2008 Review. The previous versions of the ACM/IEEE-CS curricular have been used by universities around the world in designing their degree programs. Computer Science Transfer Curriculum 2017 . The Computer Science Curricula 2013 was released last fall with the goal of providing advice and guidance to the computing education community throughout the coming decade. In the meeting scheduled on June 10-12 2013, the Committee finally agreed to the curriculum model presented in the following table. Joint Task Force on Computing Curricula, Association for Computing Machinery (ACM) and IEEE Computer Society In: Computer Science Education Research Conference, CSERC 2012, pp. The position of the Task Force is that any Data Science program will have to reflect competencies in mathematics, statistics, and computer science, … The Association for Computing Machinery (ACM) Committee for Computing Education in Community Colleges (CCECC) Computer Science Curricular Guidance for Associate-Degree Transfer Programs with Infused Cybersecurity . The engineering perspective focuses on designing and constructing ever-improved computing systems. The curriculum of computer science programs has always included a capstone course on operating systems, in which issues related to parallel computing was addressed (Sahami et al., 2013… Computer Science Curricula 2013 Curriculum Guidelines for Undergraduate Degree Programs in Computer Science December 20, 2013 The Joint Task Force on Computing Curricula Association for Computing Machinery (ACM) IEEE Computer Society A Cooperative Project of. 8,11 The science perspective focuses on increasing understanding through experimental methods. To add to the broad, interdisciplinary conversation on data science an articulation of the role of computing discipline-specific contributions to this emerging field. ACM (2012) Google Scholar ACM.Data Science Task Force.Task Force Charter.