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A Computational Approach to Identify Interfering Medications on Urine Drug Screening Assays without Data from Confirmatory Testing, Novel SARS-CoV-2 encoded small RNAs in the passage to humans, LexExp: A system for automatically expanding concept lexicons for noisy biomedical texts, i2d: an R package for simulating data from images and the implications in biomedical research, Reprinting the Past/Re-Ordering Black Social Life, Reading the “Memoirs of the Life of Florence Hall” Through, “A New Enterprise in Our History”: William Still, Conductor of, Mapping Taste: Urban Modernities from the, Understanding the Best Interests of the Child as a Procedural Obligation: The Example of the European Court of Human Rights, Responsible Business Conduct and State Laws: Addressing Human Rights Conflicts, Derogations from the European Convention on Human Rights: The Case for Reform, Bulletin of the Institute of Classical Studies, The Journal of Applied Laboratory Medicine, Journal of Computational Design and Engineering. 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