The largest limiting factor was actually the formation of workable iron stock. Then we can handle each consideration separately. Melted iron was well within the technology well before any time that is commonly considered medieval. As an action, you can spill these tiny metal balls from their pouch to cover a level, square area that is 10 feet on a side. Because they're not very good. At the end of the day, once our shift ends at the Taco Bell, that’s what … This material is published under the OGL: Ball Bearings. Non-standard use was the monk rolling a ball bearing around to distract a wizard's cat familiar that had been following the party. Caltrops are the perfect hybrid between a hunting trap and a set of ball bearings. Gear  vs Equipment  is not a clear enough naming distinction (Equipment vs Inventory is probably similar, but much less pronounced). Personally, I like the idea of using Minor Illusion to cover hunting traps, caltrops, ball bearings or even prepared pit traps. Jump to: navigation, search. "Adventuring Gear" in the PHB includes many usable items (Ball bearings, vials of acid), but it mostly includes mundane equipment such as Backpack and Bedroll. Ball bearings have become "monk weapons" in the campaign. Really, though, the bounded accuracy of 5e makes little tricks like ball bearings, caltrops and hunter's traps still effective for almost any level, which I think is cool. Easily reusable, they are also small and portable. Genius addition. Caltrops can be spread over an area, much in the same way as ball bearings, but if a creature fails the DC 15 Dexterity saving throw, they not only take 1 point of piercing damage but must also stop moving. Leave a Reply Cancel … Easily reusable, they are also small and portable. Thanks for reading and sharing! Two … Neither ball bearings nor caltrops state that a creature's speed is physically penalized, just that a creature can choose to move at half speed to avoid their effects. A creature moving across the covered area must succeed on a DC 10 Dexterity saving throw or fall prone. Caltrops; Ball bearings; Acid; Alchemist’s Fire; Antitoxin; Resist (type) damage; Poison; Oil; Ammunition; Prepare Your Bladder For Imminent Release!!! Does Weapons  include things like Vial of Acid, Alchemist's Fire, and DMG bombs? I agree this isn’t the best way to play Dungeons and Dragons according to most people – but it is ANOTHER way to have fun with the hobby. Melting iron is beyond standard medieval technology. I love the idea of covering up traps right before someone is about to step on them. A creature moving across the … They can be useful in a chase, or if you can prepare the ground in combat in advance , and even then it's not great. Ok, this came up in another thread discussing rogue archetypes, but I thought it an interesting enough tangent to merit it's own discussion. Heather J. says: 1 month ago Reply. 'Just'? First, ball bearings (emphasis mine): As an action, you can spill these tiny metal balls from their pouch to cover a level, square area that is 10 feet on a side. A creature moving through the area at … Like Like. 5e SRD:Ball Bearings (bag of 1,000) From D&D Wiki. Because you’re in for a chaotic ride. Like Like. I … A thief's level 3 feature grants the ability to use an object as a bonus action. By any reasonable interpretation that would include almost all the items listed in the phb adventuring gear section, specifically things like caltrops, ball bearings, and hunters traps.